SWTOR Vancouver Community Cantina Recap


We love to share info with you about Community Cantinas. First, they are fun and secondly, they are informative

McSluethGaming.com has a great of info (with pictures) about the Vancouver Community Cantina. Let’s take a look at some of it now:

I arrived about 45 minutes before the event and was the first one there, I was then greeted by Eric Musco who was setting up the front booth, from my limited knowledge of other cantina events I was shocked to find nobody else there, as was Eric who said this was the first time ever that this had happened. Normally there is a crowd almost 2 hours before! At that point I was honestly rather worried that not many people would show up at all… It did however give me a great chance to just chat with Eric for almost a solid hour which was nice. Around 20 mins to 8 a couple more people started to show up although they were a bit shy to say much so I continued to just chat with Eric and get his thoughts of Canada so far (this was literally his first time ever coming to Canada) and  he told me all about how Austin is coming from Pennsylvania where he lived before working for Bioware.

So with the group ready Eric took the stage and introduced himself and who was there with him, Art Director Mark Richards and Associate Producer Andrew Horowitz, after introductions that hopped right into the Q/A which I attempted to live tweet last night with.. some success. I feel because of the smaller amount of people and because most questions about Strongholds were unanswerable we didn’t get huge amount of good stuff, although during the mingle portion of the night I did go around and listen in on what sorts of questions were being asked and I will note those conversations here as well.

He then goes on to tell us some about the Q&A version of the event:

Q/A Stuff

Rando: Will we be able to eventually have older mounts from before FTP added to collections for unlock on all toons? for example the original korrealis mounts?

Mark: We are always looking to add new things to collections and the cartel market although we do draw the line obviously on things  that were never meant to be for all your characters, certain mounts are meant to be for one toon only, raiding rewards etc etc so that is working as intended in that respect.

Rando: What is the method or decision-making process that goes into picking dye combinations for the CM or even just the game at large?

Mark: To be honest there isn’t really any specific method, we kind of just play around with different combinations and see what we think looks good together and obviously what we think will sell best.

Rando: Will there be more restriction loosing for FTP players as we have lost a few people in my guild because of for example levelling exp disparity making things frustrating for them, pvp passes, (ramble ramble hard to hear)

This is just a snippet. Please head over to McSluethGaming.com and read the rest of the recap. We really love finding these fans, bloggers and other gamers who attend the events and write about it. This lets us see what it’s like from city to city, experience it from the view of others and of course, compare thumb drive info which is often different from city to city.

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