Patch 2.9.0a Notes

Chill's 24m raid into pub base on Makeb

BioWare will be patching some bugs today. Below are the patch notes:

2.9.0a Patch Notes


  • Corrected an issue that prevented a small number of players from logging in.

Cartel Market

  • The “Republic Voss Embassy Sign” item from the Gatekeeper’s Pack now grants the correct Decoration.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Major Imos’ and Major Travik’s shields are now properly removed during their Assault On Tython encounters.

Galactic Strongholds

  • The Decorations “Arrangement: Speeder Station” and “Diagnostic Console (Medical) now grant properly when their item is used.
  • Non-repeatable Conquest objectives are no longer reset by logging into a character that has not participated in the Conquest Event.
  • Keys granted to others players now persist through log out, as intended.

Missions + NPCs

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