SWTOR patch 3.1 Datamined – Prinawe Mounts comming soon?

swtor_potato have discovered Several Prinawe mounts in SWTOR, while Datamining patch 3.1. It’s not completely certain how they will be added to the game, but dataminers say it might be a reward for future cantina tours.

Here are what they found in the latest patch:

String Changes
GOM Changes
File Changes
Class, Converation, MTX and Codex changes
New MTX Images:

New Soundtracks:

Many of you probably missed my second lot of MTX images in my previous post, so check it out (includes black-silver crystal picture)
The cooldown of shoulder cannon is 1.5 seconds, not 1. The cooldown value was being casted to an integer when it shouldn’t of been.
I don’t know how long the Soundtrack video will last, YouTubes content ID system matched one of the tracks against one of the prequel tracks.

Things of note:

  • Black silver crystal replaced by Black Purple Striated crystal.
  • Jetpack mount being worked on, but is incomplete currently.
  • Several variants of Prinawe mounts added, labeled to be used for Cantina events.
  • Several new soundtracks added.

Prinawe Mounts:

  • Prinawe Congregate
  • Prinawe Junction
  • Prinawe Collective
  • Prinawe Aggregate
  • Prinawe Union

This is the best images (the inventory images) I have of these mounts: