New SWTOR Dev Post – Upcoming Dev Livestream – June 3rd

Yavin Stronghold

Earlier today Eric Musco announced that the BioWare developers for Star Wars: The old Republic,  will be showcasing the Yavin Stronghold and Togruta on a developer livestream on Wednesday June 3. Here are the details:

Upcoming Dev Livestream – June 3rd | 05.26.2015, 01:08 PM

Hey folks!
I want to let you all know about our next planned developer livestream which will be happening on Wednesday, June 3rd from 4-5PM CDT. You can check out the livestream on our twitch channel,here.

What we will be showing over the course of our one hour stream is some of the new content we have talked about which is coming this year. First up, we will be walking you through the entirety of the new Yavin IV Stronghold! Second, we will be doing all of that as a Togruta.

So tune in as we showcase the new Stronghold and playable Species coming to SWTOR. Thanks everyone, we’ll see you then.