Yavin 4 Stronghold and Togruta Reveal First Look – SWTOR Dev Stream Recap

torgura and new gsh 2

On 3rd of June the SWTOR Developer Stream showed to the gamers for the first time the new playable Species coming with Update 3.3 – Togruta.  They also walked us through the new Stronghold on Yavin 4. Here are some of Vulkk’s notes. For more, check the video below.

* The event was hosted by Community Manager Eric Musco and the Designer Tobby

* There will be male and female Togruta. At this point the team is not ready to show Character Creation and details.

* Togruta is targeted for release in Patch 3.3. Its date for now is 21st July 2015.

* The new Yavin 4 Stronghold is very very big. Has decoration slots both inside and outside and many, many hooks.

* The limitations related to GSH remain the same, meaning players with 4 Strongholds will have to deactivate one if they want to have Yavin 4.

* The new Stronghold has a couple special secrets hidden inside (something like the easter egg with the Droids on Tatooine GSH?)

* Patch 3.3 is available on PTS as of 04.June 2015, but without the Stronghold and Togruta.

* There will likely be a new Dev stream showing more details about Togruta when it is more finished.

* The reason why Combat Dummies are not available yet is technical.

* There are and will be a lot new decorations specificly designed for the new stronghold.

* Musco hinted a few times about the upcoming big announcement on 15. June – #FallenEmpire.

* Stream lasted ~45-47 minutes.