SWTOR Dev Post – Let’s Play Some Warzones

SWTOR Dev Post - Let’s Play Some Warzones

BioWare will be  hosting a 3 sessions of warzone testing, with the game developers on the Public Test Servers. People who are participate in the matches will get a small grant of cartel coins as a form of payment. Check it out below:

Let’s Play Some Warzones | 06.08.2015, 03:54 PM
Hey folks,

One of the things we really wanted to make sure gets tested on PTS for 3.3, Warzones! With the first full weekend behind us, it is our goal to kick up the participation. So, let’s all get together later this week and play some Warzones together.

Thursday, June 11th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Friday, June 12th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Saturday, June 13th – 11AM – 2PM PDT

Warzones! Queue up solo, or with some friends, for regular, non-ranked Warzones.

Help us test PTS! In order to spice things up a bit…

  • Multiple members of the dev and community team will be on and playing Warzones as well. However, so that we can keep the focus of the Warzones on the actual objectives, we will be playing incognito.
  • Anyone who plays 10 Warzones during those three playtest periods will receive a grant of Cartel Coins as a bonus! (note: You will need to actually participate, we will track each match played to ensure you are taking part in the Warzone. None of this “just queue up and AFK for coins!”)
  • At the end of that playtime, we may even point out other players who have stood out in helping us test, so definitely play as much as you can during that time!

Thank you all for your help in testing PvP. We will see you in-game on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.