KOTOR ULTIMATE Taris Upper City!! Kotor Mod Showcase

Xuul has a new episode of the KOTOR mod showcase and we think you will really like it. It’s great to see that players are still supporting the KOTOR community, especially so many years after the game has been out. When many games would just die off, the fans have kept KOTOR alive and well. Mods are one way that this happens, since it brings new content and experience to the game, no matter how old it is and despite the fact that the original publisher is no longer updating the game.

In this video, Xuul goes over another module from the ULTIMATE 2.0 series. This module covers the Taris Upper City. It’s the new series of the KOTOR texture pack and it keeps a close artistic feel and look of the original. Basically, it’s like the original but updated to look better and have more detail. It’s shinier and sharper but it doesn’t lose the original design and feel that KOTOR had with the city. You will get to see this for yourself in the video he has so if you’ve been thinking about getting the mod but haven’t yet, this will help you make up your mind.

Check it out:

So what do you think? It looks really nice, doesn’t it? Are you still playing KOTOR? Are there any mods you just can’t live without? Are there any mods you wish someone from the community would come up with to make the game more enjoyable or to add a feature it’s currently lacking?

Lisa Clark

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