There are so many benefits that can be derived from writing daily. It doesn’t necessarily require one to be a writer before you cultivate the habit of writing something every day. Writing improves memory, builds vocabulary and enhances one’s communication skills. 

Writing can be very relaxing, especially for people that grind that everyday busy and stressful life. You do not need any specific rules to be followed before you carry a pen and start writing. Just think of anything that interests you and say something about it on paper. Everyday writing has numerous benefits it brings to one life and the article takes a look at some of those benefits listed below:

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  1. It breeds better self discipline: Living life is very pleasurable and most time lack of self discipline is the reason why we want our precious time and don’t achieve our set goals in life. Writing is just one of those things that can offer one same cloture and linear satisfaction. When you write every day, you strengthen your discipline and with it you can achieve anything you wish for in life. 
  2. Writing helps clear our minds and thoughts: When grieved or vexed inside people tend to write down their thoughts, doubts, grievances and everything they can think about. We can simply put it that for you to clear your mind and go about your everyday life, work, struggles and problems, then writing can be an escape route to follow. 
  3. Better Decision Making: People that write are always aware of the reasons why they carry out certain action. This means they can easily answer the question. “why did you do that”. Daily writing as a habit enhances one’s decision making process because writing itself involves your thinking and cognitive skills 
  4. It is a form of mental Exercise: Keeping in shape is not only associated with the physical body, you can as well exercise your mind as writing activates your cognitive skills and creativity. It keeps one brain sharp and active and acts as a preventive measure against some mental related ailments such as dementia.
  5. It helps improve your verbal and written skills: When writing you are more conscious of your vocabulary and are careful in your choice of words, so that you avoid grammatical errors. In the long run, your writing improves meaning you are now better grammatically. Making it a continuous process and habit brings about those words and phrases into your verbal communication skills. Your vocabulary expands and when you speak there are better expressions being passed on to the person you are communicating with. 
  6. Your persuasion skills are improved through writing: Writing is an act of persuasion because you make use of words to communicate to the reader convincingly writing for one is a way of convincing your own thoughts. The logic here is simple and straightforward the more you write, the better you become at persuasion. 
  7. Cultivating self awareness: Writing is a habit that helps one to understand how to translate his/her thoughts into words. When you write everyday you become more aware of your thoughts and it has proven to be one of the most important skills in life that aids a successful career.
  8. Writing is a good way to recover memories: Writing as a way of bringing back old and forgotten memories. It usually starts from writing the known i.e. what you remember, then before you know it a phrase or word triggers some other memory. They may not be pleasant but you would ponder on how you can recall such experiences. Also, happy memories when remembered through writing uplift one’s mood and put a smile on one’s face.
  9. Make a profit: As a writer, there are so many job opportunities’ that can earn you good money while doing what you love. You can have a blog site where you post your written articles occasionally to gather more audience. Creating online content would also boost your creativity, sharpen your mind and refine your communication skills. As a writer you can also work for online paper writing services such as These websites help their customers in different aspects of writing related tasks, projects, thesis, dissertation, book review, term paper, journal, copywriting etc.