Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: State of the Galaxy – August 2020

The upcoming Title Update will arrive next week and that means Galactic Challenges are almost here! Today the devs over at Capital Games share more details about Galactic Challenges, and the complete Update Notes will be posted with the release.

Behind the curtain, this Update really has two parts: a whole new set of tools for us to create events more efficiently, and Galactic Challenges, the first type of event built using this new toolset. This greatly expands our options to create even more events and game modes in the future. They will be closely monitoring Galactic Challenges over the next few weeks and they already have plans to expand this feature after our initial exhibition period.

What Are Galactic Challenges?
If you haven’t had a chance to read the summary in the Road Ahead, Galactic Challenge events keep the game fresh and engaging by offering interesting and unique encounters that feature always-changing combinations of modifiers, locations, and feats, along with multiple tiers of difficulty and associated rewards. Modifiers add a wide range of positive and negative effects to the battle, meaning you’ll have to mix up your strategies to succeed.


Each Galactic Challenge event is based around a specific planet that loosely shapes what kinds of encounters and factions you will find. On top of that, there are 3 types of modifiers mixing up the formula, Global, Player and Enemy.

Global Modifiers will affect both your squad and the enemies, Player Modifiers only affect your squad, and Enemy Modifiers only impact the enemy squad. These modifiers can be anything from new activatable abilities to special debuffs or buffs.


You can see this in the following examples of the Modifiers below. Dune Sandstorm is a Global Modifier, so it’s constantly applying Damage over Time to everyone in battle. To counter this you might want a team that cleanses your entire squad frequently or takes advantage of the large stacks of debuffs on the enemies. Grim Machinations is encouraging you to bring Sith but there are no direct restrictions on using your best squad of non-Sith to try to beat as many tiers as possible.


You will receive rewards for completing each tier but you can also earn rewards for completing individual feats for each tier. The rewards list at the bottom shows all rewards that are available and will be removed from the list once completed. Since I haven’t completed this tier, the green highlight in the rewards list indicates there are rewards for beating this mission for the first time and the purple highlight shows which rewards are tied to feats. You can also tap the arrows to get more information on the feats, which rewards you earn for completing them or modifiers. You will want to review which feats and tiers give which rewards as they may change from event to event.


Exhibition Season
There are a whole host of aspects we will be gathering your feedback on when we launch the trial run of Galactic Challenges next week. Does seven days feel too long? Is two days not enough time to complete these types of events? Does this event create a compelling puzzle for your roster? There are a few elements we already know we want to expand and the event tool was designed with this flexibility in mind. We are initially starting with a limited number of Feats, Modifiers and locations to ensure a clean release of the feature but we are planning to expand these areas in the future.

The first schedule has a few different durations to see what feels the most enjoyable. There are 6 events for our initial run, starting off 2x seven days events, then 2x three day events and finally 2x two day events. The schedule is structured as Planet: Enemy | Player Modifier.

Tatooine: Separatist | Sith

  • 08/12 – 08/18

Death Star: Empire | Bounty Hunter

  • 08/19 – 08/25

Malachor: Old Republic | Rebel

  • 08/26 – 08/28

Takodana: First Order | Empire

  • 08/29 – 08/31

Jakku: Resistance | Old Republic

  • 09/01 – 09/02

Kamino: Galactic Republic | Separatist

  • 09/03 – 09/04

We will also be closely monitoring your feedback on the rewards for Feats and completing tiers. These rewards are subject to change and we may vary the types of rewards or provide a special currency in the future.

How Do You Access Galactic Challenges?
Galactic Challenges will appear in the events tab once you reach level 60. We mention in the Road Ahead that we were considering tying access to the event to Daily Activities but we decided against this and there are currently no entry requirements besides reaching account level 60.

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited as we are for Galactic Challenges!