SWTOR Operation Speed Run Challenge


A player known on the forums as Death_By_Smiley has decided to do the speed run challenge for himself, since the official tournament was cancelled. If you’d like to participate, the rules and guidelines are listed for you and it’s open to anyone.

Goal: Be the fastest guild to clear operations!

Sounds fun, right? Well, it depends on whether or not you have a guild that can pull this off and if you like this sort of thing but there are many players and guilds who like a little side competition and this could be just the right project to keep you and your members entertained in the game.

Here are some details. Learn more and ask your questions here.

Session #1: Current Operation: The Ravagers
(from March 3, 2015-March 17, 2015)

Special notes: To ensure the Coratannni bug does not occur, if you have one person leave the instance after Master/Blaster, it SHOULD make the door appear when they zone back in. I would recommend every group do this, but if you feel risky, it’s not a requirement. However, if the boss bugs out, remember, you’re losing time and due to lockouts you will not get another shot that week.

Trash Requirements (Please let me know if this is unclear or incorrect)

Fastest Story Mode Time wins a Hypercrate for your guild!
Super special thanks to Oofalong of <The Chandrian> for offering to furnish a prize.

Next Challenge: Temple of Sacrifice – March 17, 2015 to March 30, 2015

Overall Rules

Reporting Rules

Final rule: Please keep forum topic clear of chatter, trash talk, etc. If I’m going to do this, limit how much I need to read. Above all else, be nice and have fun!

Lisa Clark

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