3 countries that can’t get enough of Slots

Many of us have dreams to travel the world and experience different cultures, taking in the variety of architecture, food and languages. And it turns out that even the way casino games are played, differs from continent to continent. 

Depending on where you are in the world, your experience playing Slots may be different from the classic game that you’re familiar with. You might be lucky enough to go on a global adventure and experience these slot variations for yourself. But if not, you can use this article to travel the world of Slots and discover three of the countries that can’t get enough of this game.

United Kingdom

The UK is renowned for its classic fruit machines, a tribute to the invention of the slot itself. The Liberty Bell — invented by Charles Fey — was one of the first versions of the game and led to a gaming revolution that gave us the Slots that we know and love today. 

The fruit machine first emerged because of the implementation of oppressive gambling laws in the 20th century, as a method to circumvent the law. It did so by replacing the game’s cash prize with chewing gum, essentially disguising the slot as a chewing gum dispenser. This enabled fans to continue to spin the reels and play their favourite game, whilst avoiding the legal consequences of doing so.

If you’re looking for a land-based slot to play in the UK, you’ll most commonly find them in pubs, clubs, betting shops, arcades and bookmakers. However, the most popular way to spin the reels today — in the UK and across the world — is via online gaming platforms. 

Online Slots are available to play wherever and whenever, across a host of different compatible devices. What’s more, you could take advantage of the site’s casino bonus page, where you could find some free spins to enhance your gameplay. 


Australian slots online are largely similar to the classic fruit machines that you’ll find in the UK, but they’re actually known as Pokies down under. What does differ however, is the Australian gambling laws which vary depending on which state you find yourself in. 

The first state to legalise gambling in Australia was New South Wales in 1956, making it possible to play Slots freely. Although Australian gamers tend to prefer to play online Slots, since they’re more convenient, you can play some classic Aussie Pokies in pubs, casinos and clubs. 


The final stop on our global tour is Japan. When it comes to video gaming and futuristic technology, Japan is a world leader. However, it turns out that Japanese gamers still dabble with the humble slot machine, which is known as Pachisuro or Pachinko

These games are a thrilling hybrid, which sees Slots meet the pinball machine, to create an exciting game that requires you not only to pull the lever, but also push buttons to enable the reels to spin and the pin ball to fly. This game is fast-paced and if you get the chance to try it, you’ll have to nimbly load the balls into the machine and fire them around to win prizes. Fancy trying your hand at this wild slot variant? We sure do!