7 Essential Minecraft Tips To Get You Started

Minecraft is indeed a reasonably popular game that people of all age groups play.

You can get creative and fun in this gameplay because it offers extensive opportunities for you to explore a new dimension.

This is why so many children and adults like this game. 

But, if you have not been one of them and want to play it, we are here for you.

Keep scrolling the article and find the best tips to play Minecraft. 

Best Tips To Play Minecraft

You can download Minecraft from thenewpiratebay, but how will you play the game if you don’t know how to proceed further. This is why you must check these tips and find out how the game works: 

1: Create Your World

You cannot have fun in Minecraft until and unless you create your own world. The pocket edition also lets you choose which type of game you would like to play.

Create mode is the best choice for those players who want to build everything. There are no evil mobs, so you can create architectural wonders with limited resources.

On the other hand, survival mode lets you play the game with limited health, and you always have to fight the mobs who come out to seek your blood as soon as the sun sets.

2: Customize Your Skin

You can customize your character in Minecraft that speaks to you more and seems more relatable. 

But, apart from their limited customization options, you can also create a new character of your own. The recent updates of this game grant us that opportunity, so yeah!! You can be excited.

The game is more fun when you have a nice character playing the game for you, and the character has to be up to your liking too. 

3: Learn The Controls

Even though Minecraft is easy to play, you must familiarize yourself with the gaming controls. The D-pad on the left side of your keyboard helps you control the directional movement of the character.

There will be different buttons to go right, left, forward, backward, and jump. So you can get to know all about them before playing the game.

You can also adjust the directional movements from the settings button and increase or decrease their sensitivity.

4: Gather Resources

You cannot build a shelter until you gather limited resources. Once you gather the resources like dirt, stone, wood, you can move forward in the game.

You don’t have to gather all of them but focus on gathering as much as possible. We are saying so because your temporary home doesn’t have to be a luxury condo.

Just collect enough to get started and as the game progresses, collect more resources and upgrade your shelter to enjoy nature and be aware of the enemies.

5: Create Light

Light plays an important role in Minecraft, and you have to create light if you are just getting started. For example, you can create torches that light up the few blocks ahead and help you move in the dark.

There are resources to create torches. You only have to keep the enemies from spawning in your home and land.

Torches are not weapons, and they won’t help you anyway to protect yourself from the mobs. It is just a means of living that you must create if you want life to be simple here.

6: Go Underground

The best gaming resources in Minecraft are right underground, and you just have to grab a pickaxe and start digging down. But, of course, if you have torches, digging underground will be far more manageable because you will see what lies ahead.

This is why you must keep your eyes open for dungeons, caves, and mines. Once you locate one, make sure you dig down and be prepared to fight the underground enemies.

You don’t have to be an expert Battlestar to fight these enemies, but be skilled enough to go down, and collect your resources.

7: Have A Snack

How do you plan to have the strength of fighting enemies and building architectural structures if you don’t eat? You can’t.

You can hunt animals like chickens, pigs, and cows and use a furnace to cook meat. You can also catch fish and grow other veggies.

Food is a necessity to survive on the island, harness that opportunity, and eat something.

The Bottom Line

If you have never played Minecraft but have long wanted to play the game, these tips will help you get started.

Just focus on what world you want to take your character to, and find resources accordingly.

Once you get used to the world, Minecraft will be a fun game to play. For further queries, you can ping us in the comment section.