Relax. Boba will survive, and he will almost certainly get another season

I’ll be fair, I’ve had my criticisms of this show (see my profile for an earlier post of what I wanted). Not everything was going to be executed properly, just because, unlike the Mandalorian, Boba has a history with the fanbase – and so creative liberty is stifled a bit.

But I’ve seen some crazy theories about how Disney’s ruining the character and such.

That’s just not true. They’re setting Boba up to transition from being a lone wolf into a leader. Something like how the Mandalorian had to go from a lone wolf to a father figure.

So a couple points:

  1. Boba isn’t going to die. His visions obviously mean something that’s been unanswered so far in the show. The show writers have them in there for a reason. I feel like once we know that, we’ll know a lot more about where this is going. But if legends is true, and this is about stepping up to Jango’s heritage – then Boba’s role is going to be much more important. THEY WILL NOT KILL HIM OFF BEFORE ANSWERING WHY THESE VISIONS ARE HAPPENING.
  2. Boba is going to leave Tatooine. An important theme about the show has been water. The Kamino visions and no water on Tatooine have some symbolism. We know that in Rise of Skywalker, Tatooine still is a desert planet. To me, that means he’ll have to journey off world to complete his destiny
  3. Boba might not become Mandalore, but will become very important. In the Force Awakens, at Max Kanata’s castle – one of the flags is a Mythosaur flag, but another one is Boba’s unique wheat symbol. This implies he must still be alive at the time of the Force Awakens, or at least have an heir.
  4. I feel like the crime lord shenanigans will become much more relevant and we’ll see much more shooting once Crimson Dawn throws their hat into the ring. Which will lead into season 2: Crimson Dawn getting mad that Boba Fett slaughtered the Pykes (their canon partners)

Just some thoughts!