Do You Know the Cannabis Element in the Star War Universe?

Why are we talking about cannabis and Star Wars? Well, since cannabis has been legalized, much has been made of its appearance in films and on TV, and in other media. Of course, the Star Wars franchise – one of the most successful movie franchises in history – began long before cannabis was even close to being legalized, in 1977. That seems a lifetime ago now!

Is there a reference to cannabis in Star Wars? That’s something that a surprising number of people have studied. The Star Wars universe is, of course, entirely fictional but give there are elements of modern life in there, one would expect drugs to feature somewhere – and indeed they do! Let’s have a closer look. 

Is Cannabis Featured in Star Wars? 

While there is no scene in which a Star Wars character is seen using a dab pen for weed concentrate or other vape device, there is in fact a direct reference to cannabis in the form of a fictional substance referred to as ‘Marcan Herb.’ This substance is smoked in hookah pipes and also rolled in cigarettes – sounds familiar? If we tell you that Marcan Herb also gives a ‘euphoric feeling’ when used, it’s perhaps obvious that it is based on weed!

So, we can say that while weed itself is not directly referenced – perhaps that would have been frowned upon in 1977 – we see scenes where ‘Hutts’ smoke it, as do humanoid characters, that we can instantly relate to cannabis use. There are other substances mentioned in Star Wars that are clearly drugs influenced by actual substances. 

Other Drug References in Star Wars

The rise of cannabis in pop culture is important – as we will briefly discuss below – but it’s interesting to note a few of the other substances that are written into the Star Wars universe. For example, ‘Ryll’ is an ore that can be used as a spice – drugs in Star Wars tend to be referred to as spices, this likely being down to regulations at the time – and ‘Glitterstim’ is clearly a drug based on meth. Then there’s a substance known as ‘Tempest’ which movie buffs have identified as being similar to MDMA.

But all of that was in 1977, a long time ago when things were very different. Why is cannabis now being included in popular culture more openly? 

The Importance of Cannabis in Popular Culture

Now that cannabis is rapidly becoming a mainstream product it is no surprise that weed is getting a mention in more areas of popular culture than was once the case. This is a good thing as it overcomes the enduring stigma that goes with cannabis, whether medicinal or recreational. Most people who use cannabis for recreational purposes do so sensibly. They use it for stress relief, for example, and enjoy the experience.

The difference between today and 1977 is that now marijuana is legal in many states of the USA and has been decriminalized in most. This is why many more celebrities and public figures are admitting to – and even promoting – using and enjoying weed. It is not necessarily that more people are weed lovers than before, it’s simply that it is no longer seen as a taboo subject and is socially accepted.

The rise in popularity of vaping has a lot to do with creating a cleaner and more acceptable image for cannabis, and thus a modern-day Star Wars may in fact refer to it directly and openly. So, next time you watch a movie look for the cannabis and CBD references, and you’ll be sure to find them.