Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Developer Insights: Seventh Sister

The guys over at Capital Games has posted a new developer insight. This time they are talking with the designers of Seventh Sister. Seventh Sister was born on the planet Mirial and like most Inquisitors, she originally served the Jedi Order and somehow survived Order 66.

Below, we take a dive into the developers’ motivations and inspirations while creating the kit for this new character.


UNIT NAME: Seventh Sister
Empire, Leader, Inquisitorius, Healer, Unaligned Force User
Inquisitorius Healer that helps her squad eliminate the Jedi.


BASIC: There You Are


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. Inflict Offense Down for 2 turns and 1 stack of Purge (max 6) until the end of the encounter if the target doesn’t have any. These debuffs can’t be resisted if enemy is Jedi. Deal +5% more damage, increased to +10% if enemy is Jedi, for each stack of Purge on the enemy.

SPECIAL: ID9 Electro Shock-Prod (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. Dispel all buffs and remove 60% Turn Meter, increased to 90% if target is Jedi. Inflict 1 stack of Purge (max 6) until the end of the encounter, and then inflict an additional stack of Purge for each buff dispelled this way. Inflict Ability Block for 1 turn, and Daze for 2 turns on target enemy. This ability can’t be evaded or resisted.

SPECIAL: ID9 Enemy Intelligence (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT (ZETA): Consume 1 stack of Purge from each enemy. Target ally recovers 30% Health and Protection, plus 10% Health and Protection for each stack of Purge consumed. All allies gain Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns and Inquisitorius allies gain Foresight for 2 turns. All allies recover 10% Health and Protection and gain Evasion Up for 2 turns. If target ally is Inquisitorius, reduce this ability’s cooldown by 1.

LEADER: Guess Again
FINAL TEXT (ZETA/OMICRON): Empire allies gain 16% Evasion. Whenever Inquisitorius allies evade, they recover 5% Health and Protection and gain Advantage for 2 turns.

While in Territory Wars: Whenever a Jedi enemy gains Foresight, all Inquisitorius allies gain Foresight for 2 turns; at the end of each turn, dispel all buffs on Jedi enemies who have Foresight. Additionally, whenever an enemy gains a buff, Seventh Sister has a 10% chance to inflict 1 stack of Purge (max 6) on that enemy until the end of the encounter, increased to 20% if that enemy is Jedi.

UNIQUE: Distraction
FINAL TEXT: Whenever another Inquisitorius ally uses an ability during their turn, Seventh Sister assists (limit once per turn). If Seventh Sister is in the Leader slot, whenever Seventh Sister assists another Inquisitorius ally, that ally recovers 5% Health and gains Offense Up for 2 turns. While assisting, she inflicts debuffs based on the number of stacks of Purge on the target enemy, which can’t be resisted if they’re Jedi:

  • 1+ Stack: Inflict Speed Down for 2 turns
  • 3+ Stacks: Inflict Accuracy Down for 2 turns
  • 5+ Stacks: Inflict Healing Immunity for 1 turn

The Basics:

  • Like all Inquisitorius characters, Seventh Sister will interact with the Purge mechanic.
  • Seventh Sister fulfills the role of Healer for the Inquisitorius faction, and her kit is meant to lift her allies by supporting them throughout battle.
  • Her kit also includes an “always-on” assist when paired with Inquisitorius allies that helps spread Purge and debuffs.
  • As a leader, Seventh Sister grants Empire allies extra Evasion with additional bonuses to Inquisitorius allies.
  • Her Omicron is focused on Territory Wars and punishes Jedi for using Foresight and gaining buffs.
  • Seventh Sister’s Guess Again Leader ability is strong against Grand Master Yoda enemy squads.

Unique Attributes:

  • Seventh Sister is the only Inquisitorius character to have a Droid companion (ID9) in their Galaxy of Heroes kit.
  • She has a powerful single-target ally Healing ability that gets stronger as enemies become inflicted with Purge.
  • Seventh Sister assists her Inquisitorius allies everytime they use an ability, making her a threat to constantly chip away at the opposition.


  • Seventh Sister appeared alongside the Eighth and Fifth Brothers in the second season of Star Wars Rebels, and was one of the first Inquisitors shown on screen.
  • She notably used a droid, ID9, that was an earlier model of Iden Versio’s ID10.
  • ID9’s Electro Shock Prod was designed around the scene in Rebels in which it attacks and shocks Zeb.

Strategy Tips:


  • Who is Seventh Sister?
    • Seventh Sister is part of the Inquisitorius, which was an elite Imperial group of Force-sensitive soldiers that Darth Vader trained to hunt down Jedi who survived Order 66.
  • How can players add Seventh Sister to their roster?
    • Seventh Sister will be unlocked via an all-new Marquee event.
  • Are more characters that apply Purge via an Area of Affect (AOE) ability coming to Galaxy of Heroes?
    • Yes!
  • What are the requirements for Seventh Sister’s Legacy tier?
    • Second Sister, Ninth Sister, and Seventh Sister, all at 5-stars or higher. The reward for beating this is 4 Omicron Materials, a player portrait, and the “Jedi Assassin” title.