FIFA 23 Coins – how to buy?

How does buying FUT 23 Coins differ from previous years’ transactions? It turns out to be nothing special. Well, apart from the fact that it’s even simpler now. FIFA Coin sellers are making the procedures easier every year, while taking care to increase the undetectability of transfers.

Read this short guide and find out what you need to do to get new Coins into your FUT account.

FUT 23 Coins – step-by-step transaction

With most major sellers, the purchasing process consists of five basic steps.

1. Choice of method – this involves choosing how to transfer FIFA 23 Coins to your account. Currently, procedures are in place to guarantee 99.9% untraceability. Before you buy, you also need to choose the platform on which you play. This issue, for example, affects the price.

2. choice of quantity – you can specify any value. Vendors have also prepared special packages containing a specific amount of FIFA 23 Coins for your convenience.

3. Providing your FUT account access data – in FIFA 23, as in previous editions, you have to provide the seller with some data that is technically necessary. However, remember never to give out your e-mail password. Knowing it would give third parties the opportunity to interfere with your account and make changes (e.g. passwords) and ultimately take over your account.

4 Pay for your order – pay for your Coins and wait patiently for delivery. If there are any problems with payment, the seller will be sure to let you know.

5. delivery to your account – the transfer of Coins to your FUT account is handled by the merchants. The service should take care to do this in a way that makes it virtually impossible for EA Sports to detect the delivery. You will receive a confirmation email once your order status has changed.

The final step is up to you. Spend your FUT 23 Coins and upgrade your team.

FIFA 23 buy Coins – what to avoid?

If you are going to make a purchase for the first time, the main issue is to choose the right dealer. We advise against using inexperienced merchants. Even if there is no objection to their honesty, they may lead to EA detecting an external transfer of Coins, which for you as a player will inevitably end in a block or zeroing of your account.

A seller who carries out a small number of operations or has been trading Coins for a short time will not be able to perfect their procedures. As a result, the transfer of Coins to your UT account can easily be detected by EA Sports.

Another point is to pay close attention to the requirements of traders when purchasing FIFA 23 Coins.

You will be asked to provide the seller with details such as:

  • WebApp/Origin e-mail;
  • WebApp/Origin password;
  • 6 Back Up Origin Codes.

While this is perfectly normal, never give the seller your email password. If someone asks you for it, it will be an attempt to hack your account!

FIFA 23 Coins – why is it worth it?

Although the developers of the FIFA game offer many effective tools for acquiring Coins, for many players these methods are insufficient. It is a well-known fact that without Coins, it is impossible to build up a significant team. Buying FIFA 23 Coins is an easy way to boost your team budget.