Flashpoints of SWTOR: Kaon Under Siege

Kaon Under Siege is a flashpoint in the popular MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Located on the planet of Kaon, this flashpoint is designed for players around level 50 and is known for its challenging boss encounters.

One of the key mechanics in Kaon Under Siege is the use of defense turrets. Throughout the flashpoint, players will encounter waves of enemies that must be defeated while also defending their turrets from being destroyed. The turrets provide additional firepower and can make a significant difference in the success of the encounter.

One of the most challenging bosses in Kaon Under Siege is the Droid Commander. This boss has a variety of abilities, including a devastating laser attack that can wipe out an entire group if not properly avoided. To defeat the Droid Commander, players must focus on interrupting its abilities and taking out its supporting droids before focusing on the main target.

Another formidable boss in Kaon Under Siege is the Trandoshan Warlord. This enemy has a high amount of health and can unleash powerful attacks that can quickly take down a player. To defeat the Trandoshan Warlord, players must prioritize interrupting its abilities and using defensive cooldowns to survive its damage output.

Finally, players will face off against the final boss, the Dark Jedi Knight. This enemy has a variety of abilities, including a powerful force attack that can knock players off the platform. To defeat the Dark Jedi Knight, players must focus on interrupting its abilities and using crowd control to keep it in check.

Overall, Kaon Under Siege is a challenging flashpoint that requires careful coordination and strong boss strategy to overcome. With its unique defense turret mechanics and tough boss encounters, it is a must-play for any player looking for a test of their skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


What is the recommended gear level for Kaon Under Siege?

A gear level of 186 or higher is recommended for Kaon Under Siege to ensure that your team can handle the challenging encounters and sustain incoming damage effectively.

What strategy should be used to defeat the first boss, Chief Engineer Kels?

To defeat Chief Engineer Kels, focus on interrupting his special abilities and avoiding his AoE attacks. Spread out to minimize damage and use defensive cooldowns when necessary.

How do I avoid the Contagion debuff from the Infected Mercenaries?

Avoiding the Contagion debuff involves staying out of melee range when possible and using cleansing abilities to remove the debuff quickly. Coordinate with your healer to manage the debuff efficiently.

What is the best approach for handling the final boss, The Mysterious Stranger, in this Flashpoint?

The final boss, The Mysterious Stranger, requires players to pay attention to his abilities and avoid standing in harmful ground effects. Interrupt his major attacks and use defensive cooldowns during his high-damage phases. Communication and teamwork are key to managing this encounter effectively.

How do I manage the adds that spawn during the fight with The Mysterious Stranger in Kaon Under Siege?

Handling the adds during the fight with The Mysterious Stranger requires coordination and prioritization. Assign specific DPS players to focus on the adds and eliminate them quickly to prevent them from overwhelming the team. Utilize crowd control abilities to manage the adds and ensure that the healer is aware of the additional damage being dealt to the group.

What are the key loot rewards from the Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint?

The Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint offers valuable gear upgrades and unique items. Key loot rewards include high-level armor pieces, weapons, and potentially rare mounts or pets. Completing this Flashpoint can significantly enhance your character’s gear and provide rare collectibles.

What is the significance of the story in Kaon Under Siege?

The story in Kaon Under Siege involves a mission to rescue survivors from the planet Kaon, which is under attack by the Rakghoul plague. This Flashpoint adds depth to the lore and provides insight into the ongoing conflict in SWTOR, offering a compelling narrative that ties into the larger storyline.

Are there any special achievements associated with Kaon Under Siege?

Yes, Kaon Under Siege features several achievements that players can earn by completing specific objectives within the Flashpoint. These achievements may include defeating bosses within a certain time frame, avoiding particular mechanics, or completing the Flashpoint without any team member being defeated. Check your achievements tab in the game for a complete list and details on how to earn them.