Rebel Moon: The Star Wars Descendant You Didn't Know You Wanted

Rebel Moon: The Star Wars Descendant You Didn’t Know You Wanted

As we dive into the cosmos of cinematic universes, there’s a new celestial body demanding our attention – Rebel Moon. Hailing from the creative mind of Zack Snyder, this Netflix sci-fi epic was originally a pitch for a Star Wars film. However, after a decade, it found its home in the open arms of Netflix, complete with a generous budget and the potential to turn into a two-part saga.

The Echoes of Star Wars in Rebel Moon

From ragtag rebels on a moon rising against a colossal evil Empire (dubbed the Imperium in Rebel Moon) to starships capable of planet destruction, Rebel Moon’s narrative might sound eerily familiar to Star Wars fans. Still, it doesn’t seem fair to cast shade on Snyder for this; after all, a significant chunk of sci-fi and fantasy stories revolve around rebels fighting against formidable, wicked governments.

However, Snyder’s approach to building the galaxy of Rebel Moon sets it apart from Star Wars. The director believes that creating his worlds in real life makes the extra-terrestrial feel more immersive. Snyder’s focus is on intimate storytelling where the sci-fi elements appear grounded and organically woven into the narrative. The grand spaceships and unusual planets aren’t the stars of the show, but they seamlessly blend into the backdrop of the world you’re exploring.

A Closer Look at Rebel Moon’s Unique Features

The King’s Gaze

Among the starships of Rebel Moon, The King’s Gaze holds a prominent position. Snyder describes it as a world destroyer, housing approximately 8,000 soldiers and equipped with 200 dropships and 100 tanks. Its immense firepower could decimate the surface of a planet if fired continuously for three days.

The Imperium’s Admiral Noble

Played by Deadpool’s Ed Skrein, the Imperium’s Admiral Noble is a villain without any redeeming qualities or traces of humanity. His cold, ruthless character adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, making the stakes even higher for the rebels.

Nemesis: The Swordmaster

Adding to the list of intriguing characters is South Korean actor Doona Bae’s Nemesis, a partly mechanical swordmaster. Wielding two flaming swords powered by ancient gauntlets from her home world, Nemesis presents a captivating picture of strength and resilience. In her world, the rite of passage to becoming a warrior includes replacing one’s arm with robotic limbs, enabling her to wield molten-metal blades.

Not Just Star Wars, But Also Akira Kurosawa

While Star Wars’ influence on Rebel Moon is evident, the film’s biggest inspiration isn’t the space saga, but Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece, Seven Samurai. This classic film is about a group of samurai who unite to protect a small farming village from a powerful band of bandits. It seems like Rebel Moon is delivering a Seven Samurai-inspired Star Wars movie without the usual Jedi running amok.


Rebel Moon offers a unique blend of familiar sci-fi tropes and innovative storytelling, promising a cinematic experience that’s both nostalgic and refreshing. The film, set to arrive on Netflix on December 22, is a testament to the power of creative reinvention. It demonstrates how cherished narratives can be repurposed into unique stories that captivate audiences anew.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rebel Moon?

Rebel Moon is a Netflix sci-fi epic directed by Zack Snyder. It was originally pitched as a Star Wars film but has evolved into a unique story with its distinct narrative and characters.

Who are the main characters in Rebel Moon?

Key characters in Rebel Moon include the Imperium’s Admiral Noble, played by Ed Skrein, and Nemesis, a partly mechanical swordmaster portrayed by Doona Bae. The story centers around a diverse group of rebels rising against the Imperium.

What sets Rebel Moon apart from Star Wars?

While Rebel Moon shares some themes with Star Wars, director Zack Snyder aims for a more immersive and grounded approach to the sci-fi elements. The focus is more on intimate storytelling and the organic incorporation of sci-fi elements into the narrative.

What are the inspirations behind Rebel Moon?

Besides Star Wars, the film draws significant inspiration from Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, a classic film about a band of samurai protecting a village from bandits.

When will Rebel Moon be available on Netflix?

Rebel Moon is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on December 22