Battlefront 2015’s PC Community Pleads for Action Against Persistent Server Issues and Hackers

The dedicated community of “Star Wars: Battlefront 2015″ on PC has been facing a series of challenges that threaten the game’s longevity and playability. From server crashes to rampant hacking, players are calling on Electronic Arts (EA) and its developers to address these pressing issues and breathe new life into the beloved title.

Persistent Server Crashes

For over three months, players have reported frequent server crashes, making the game virtually unplayable. These crashes aren’t random technical glitches but are believed to be the result of deliberate actions by hackers. The community has identified a specific hack, facilitated by the Frosty Mod Manager, that allows malicious players to crash servers. The hack operates in the spawn menu, where hackers rapidly switch between two decks of star cards, causing the server to fail.

This method of crashing is particularly insidious because it’s not a visible hack. Players in the lobby have no way of identifying the individual responsible, making it impossible to report the offender. This has led to a cycle of repeated crashes, with hackers seemingly operating with impunity.

A Plea for Solutions and Communication

The community’s frustration isn’t just with the hackers but also with the perceived lack of response from EA and its community managers. Despite numerous threads and pleas for assistance, players feel they are being ignored. This sentiment is exacerbated by the fact that “Battlefront 2015” is still available for purchase in digital stores. The community argues that selling a game that is essentially unplayable due to these issues is not only unfair to new buyers but also an obligation on EA’s part to ensure the game functions as intended.

A Comprehensive Call to Action

In addition to highlighting the server issues, the community has also proposed a series of solutions to revitalize “Battlefront 2015.” These include:

  • Introducing a server browser and a “Current Online Players” counter.
  • Providing community-dedicated servers with multiplayer progression.
  • Enhancing the Private Match feature with AI bots, multiplayer progression, and removing the minimum player limit.
  • Expanding the Skirmish Mode.
  • Implementing a vote-kicking system.
  • Exploring cross-play support.
  • Considering making the game free-to-play.

These suggestions come in the wake of concerns that not only “Battlefront 2015” but also its successor, “Battlefront II (2017),” are being abandoned by developers. The community’s message is clear: they are passionate about these games and want to see them thrive. All they ask for is open communication and a commitment to resolving the current challenges.


“Star Wars: Battlefront 2015″ holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. As the community rallies together, their collective voice sends a powerful message about the importance of preserving and enhancing gaming experiences, even for titles that have been around for years. It remains to be seen how EA will respond, but the hope is that the force will be with the players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about “Star Wars: Battlefront 2015” Server Issues

1. What is the main issue with “Star Wars: Battlefront 2015” on PC?

  • For over three months, players have experienced frequent server crashes, believed to be caused by hackers using a specific hack facilitated by the Frosty Mod Manager.

2. How do hackers crash the servers?

  • Hackers use a method in the spawn menu where they rapidly switch between two decks of star cards, causing the server to crash.

3. Can players identify and report these hackers?

  • No, the method used to crash the servers is not a visible hack, making it impossible for players in the lobby to identify or report the individual responsible.

4. Has EA responded to these issues?

  • As of now, the community feels that they have been largely ignored by EA and its community managers, despite numerous threads and pleas for assistance.

5. Is “Star Wars: Battlefront 2015” still available for purchase?

  • Yes, the game is still available in digital stores, which has added to the community’s frustration given the current playability issues.

6. What solutions has the community proposed?

  • The community has suggested several solutions, including introducing a server browser, providing community-dedicated servers, enhancing the Private Match feature, expanding the Skirmish Mode, implementing a vote-kicking system, exploring cross-play support, and considering making the game free-to-play.

7. Are there concerns about other “Star Wars: Battlefront” titles?

8. What is the community’s main request from EA?

  • The community is seeking open communication from EA and a commitment to resolving the current challenges to ensure the game functions as intended.

9. How long has this issue persisted?

  • The server crashes and hacking issues have been ongoing for over three months.

10. Where can players stay updated on this issue?

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