A Guide to 'Star Wars Outlaws': What do we know so far?

Ubisoft’s Bold Leap into the Galaxy: Star Wars Outlaws Set for 2024 Release

Ubisoft is charting a course for the stars with the highly anticipated release of “Star Wars Outlaws,” slated to debut by the end of the calendar year 2024. This groundbreaking title promises to take players on an unprecedented journey through the Star Wars universe, offering the franchise’s first open-world gaming experience. As Ubisoft unveils its ambitious plans, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement over the potential of exploring a galaxy far, far away like never before.

Star Wars Outlaws: A New Frontier in Gaming

In a recent earnings call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot highlighted “Star Wars Outlaws” as a cornerstone of the company’s lineup for the coming year. Guillemot described the game as “a major milestone in the video game industry,” emphasizing the unique appeal of the Star Wars franchise and its venture into open-world territory for the first time. This move is not just a significant development for Ubisoft but a landmark moment for Star Wars games, promising to deliver an immersive experience that fans have long dreamed of.

The Promise of Open-World Adventure

“Star Wars Outlaws” is set to fulfill the fantasy of playing a character reminiscent of Han Solo, navigating the complexities, alliances, and conflicts of the Star Wars galaxy. Revealed during the Summer Game Fest 2023 with extensive trailers, the game has already made a positive first impression, showcasing the potential for deep narrative engagement and expansive exploration. Players can expect to pilot spacecraft, engage in battles, and make choices that influence their journey across various planets and systems.

Assassin’s Creed Codename Red: A Brief Mention

While “Star Wars Outlaws” captures the spotlight, Ubisoft also provided an update on “Assassin’s Creed Codename Red,” set to launch by the end of fiscal year 2025. This title will transport players to feudal Japan, a setting long requested by fans of the Assassin’s Creed series. Although details remain limited, Ubisoft’s commitment to expanding its portfolio with diverse and richly detailed worlds is evident in both of these upcoming releases.

Anticipation Builds for Star Wars Outlaws

With “Star Wars Outlaws,” Ubisoft is not just adding another title to its impressive roster; it’s venturing into uncharted territory. The game’s open-world format and the promise of a Han Solo-like adventure have set high expectations among fans eager for a new way to experience the Star Wars saga. As 2024 approaches, anticipation for “Star Wars Outlaws” continues to grow, with gamers around the world ready to embark on this new adventure.

Conclusion: A Galactic Journey Awaits

Ubisoft’s announcement of “Star Wars Outlaws” has ignited the imaginations of Star Wars enthusiasts and gamers alike. As the first open-world game set in the beloved universe, it represents a bold step forward for both Ubisoft and the franchise. With the promise of expansive exploration, rich storytelling, and the freedom to live out their Star Wars fantasies, players are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into this new and exciting chapter of the saga.