Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons – The Untold Story of What Could Have Been

Have you ever wondered what happened to “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons”? This free-to-play online multiplayer game was set to bring intense space battles to the iconic Star Wars universe. Announced in December 2013, it generated significant buzz among fans eager for a new gaming experience. However, despite its promising start, the game was canceled just a few months later. Let’s dive into what “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” could have been and why it was shelved before its official release.

What Was “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons”?

“Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” was envisioned as an online multiplayer space combat game developed by Area 52 Games and published by Disney Interactive. The game was designed to offer thrilling 16-player dogfights with customizable spacecraft from the Star Wars universe. Players could engage in battles across various iconic locations, enjoying different game modes such as Free For All, Team Dogfight, and Base Defense​.

Features and Gameplay

Customizable Spacecraft

One of the standout features of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” was the ability to customize your spacecraft. Players could choose from a range of ships, including the iconic X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Customization options included various upgrades and modifications, allowing players to tailor their ships to suit their playstyle​.

Game Modes

The game featured three primary modes:

  1. Free For All: A classic deathmatch where players fought against each other to score the highest number of kills.
  2. Team Dogfight: A team-based mode where two teams competed to dominate the skies.
  3. Base Defense: Players had to defend their base while attacking the opponent’s base, adding a strategic layer to the dogfighting action.

Iconic Locations

“Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” allowed players to battle in various well-known Star Wars locations. These settings added an immersive layer to the gameplay, letting fans experience dogfights in environments they had only seen in movies and TV shows​.

A breathtaking space battle from 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,' featuring iconic ships like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter engaging in thrilling dogfights across familiar Star Wars locations.

The Road to Cancellation

Despite the excitement surrounding its announcement, “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” faced an abrupt end. Here’s a look at the factors that led to its cancellation.

Development Challenges

Area 52 Games, the studio behind “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,” encountered several development challenges. Balancing a free-to-play model with quality gameplay was a significant hurdle. Ensuring a smooth, bug-free experience in the closed beta phase was another critical issue that affected the game’s progress.

Disney’s Strategic Shift

In May 2014, just six months after its announcement and a few months into the closed beta phase, Disney Interactive decided to cancel the game. The official statement from Disney cited the need to focus on “other Star Wars game experiences” as the primary reason for halting development​.

The Aftermath

The cancellation of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” was part of a broader pattern following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. Several other high-profile Star Wars projects, including “Star Wars 1313” and a standalone Darth Maul game, were also shelved during this period. The move disappointed many fans who had been eagerly awaiting new Star Wars gaming content.

A screenshot from the closed beta of 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,' highlighting the game's competitive modes, including Free For All, Team Dogfight, and Base Defense.

What Could Have Been

A Revival of Classic Space Combat

“Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” had the potential to revive the classic space combat genre that fans had longed for since the days of “X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.” The game’s focus on fast-paced dogfights, combined with the beloved Star Wars setting, could have made it a favorite among both new players and nostalgic fans.

Community and eSports Potential

With its competitive gameplay modes, “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” had the potential to build a strong online community and even venture into the eSports scene. The game’s design encouraged teamwork and strategy, elements crucial for competitive gaming. Regular updates and new content could have kept the community engaged and growing​​.

Expanded Universe Tie-ins

The game could have expanded its content to include ships, characters, and locations from across the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This would have provided endless possibilities for new content and kept the game fresh and exciting for players. Imagine flying the Millennium Falcon in a battle over Coruscant or piloting a TIE Defender in a skirmish near the Death Star.

Epic space battle from 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons' with X-Wings and TIE Fighters in iconic locations.

Fan Reactions and Legacy

Disappointment and Speculation

The announcement of the game’s cancellation was met with disappointment from the gaming community. Many fans took to forums and social media to express their frustration and speculate on what the game could have been. Some beta testers shared their experiences, highlighting both the game’s potential and its flaws​​.

The Lost Potential

Despite its cancellation, “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” left a lasting impression on those who experienced its beta phase. The game’s ambition and innovative approach to space combat in the Star Wars universe remain a tantalizing “what could have been” for fans. It serves as a reminder of the challenges and uncertainties in game development, especially in a franchise as massive and beloved as Star Wars​​.

Screenshot from 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons' beta, highlighting Free For All, Team Dogfight, and Base Defense modes.


“Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” was a game that promised much but ultimately fell victim to strategic shifts and developmental challenges. Its cancellation left fans wondering about the thrilling dogfights and epic space battles that never came to be. As we look back, we can only imagine the excitement of soaring through the Star Wars universe in customizable ships, engaging in intense battles, and experiencing a new chapter in the Star Wars gaming saga.


Why was “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” canceled? Disney Interactive canceled “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” to focus on other Star Wars game experiences. The decision came just a few months after the game entered its closed beta phase.

What were the main features of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons”? The game featured customizable spacecraft, 16-player dogfights, and three primary game modes: Free For All, Team Dogfight, and Base Defense. Players could battle in iconic Star Wars locations and upgrade their ships with various modifications.

Who was developing “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons”? The game was being developed by Area 52 Games and published by Disney Interactive. It was one of the first Star Wars games announced after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.

How did fans react to the cancellation? Fans were disappointed and expressed their frustration on forums and social media. Many beta testers highlighted the game’s potential and shared their experiences, adding to the speculation about what the final game could have been.

Could “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” have been successful? Given its innovative features and the popularity of the Star Wars franchise, “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” had the potential to be successful. Its competitive gameplay modes and community-building aspects could have made it a favorite among players and a contender in the eSports scene.

"Promotional artwork for 'Star Wars: Attack Squadrons,' the canceled space combat game by Disney Interactive."

Final Thoughts

The story of “Star Wars: Attack Squadrons” is a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of game development and the impact of corporate strategy on creative projects. While we may never know what the game could have fully achieved, its memory lives on as a tantalizing “what if” in the annals of Star Wars gaming history.