EA Continues Development on Star Wars Strategy Game Despite Respawn FPS Cancellation

EA Continues Development on Star Wars Strategy Game Despite Respawn FPS Cancellation

In light of the cancellation of Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS, EA reassures fans that its Star Wars strategy game remains in full swing.


In a galaxy of ever-shifting alliances and narratives, the Star Wars gaming universe faced a significant upheaval with the recent cancellation of Respawn Entertainment’s anticipated first-person shooter. However, amidst the disappointment, EA has cast a ray of hope for Star Wars enthusiasts and strategy game aficionados alike. Through a recent developer post on X, EA confirmed that its Star Wars strategy game is still in development, unaffected by the industry’s recent challenges.

A Difficult Week in the Galaxy

The gaming industry felt a disturbance in the force last week, marked by the cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars FPS project. This decision came in the wake of nearly 700 company-wide layoffs at EA and a strategic pivot towards focusing on the Jedi and Apex Legends series. Respawn’s cancelled game, initially announced in 2022, was under the guidance of Peter Hirschmann—a former LucasArts veteran known for his work on iconic titles such as the original Battlefront games and The Force Unleashed.

The Strategy Game Forges Ahead

Despite these setbacks, EA’s Star Wars strategy game remains on course. Announced concurrently with Respawn’s now-cancelled shooter and the third entry in the Star Wars Jedi franchise, details about the strategy game have been scarce. Yet, the recent confirmation of its continued development brings a new hope to fans eager for more Star Wars content. The developer’s post emphasized their dedication and the game’s insulation from the recent industry turbulence, sparking curiosity and anticipation for what’s to come.

EA’s Strategic Vision

EA Entertainment president Laura Miele’s statement shed light on the company’s decision-making process, highlighting a refocused effort on leveraging Respawn’s strengths to captivate players. By pivoting away from the Star Wars FPS Action game, EA aims to channel its resources into projects that resonate most with its audience, including new ventures based on owned brands and support for existing titles. This strategic realignment underscores EA’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences, with the Star Wars strategy game poised as a testament to this dedication.


As the Star Wars gaming landscape evolves, EA’s confirmation of the Star Wars strategy game’s ongoing development offers a beacon of excitement for fans worldwide. While the cancellation of Respawn’s FPS project marks the end of one chapter, the strategy game promises the beginning of another, filled with the strategic depth and immersive storytelling that Star Wars fans have come to cherish. As we await further details, the force remains strong with EA’s commitment to expanding the Star Wars universe through interactive adventures that span the galaxy.