Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 7.2 Update: New Raid, Characters, and Fixes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: The 7.2 Update Unveiled

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community is abuzz with the recent 7.2 update, bringing an array of new content, improvements, and fixes to enhance the gaming experience. Let’s dive into the details of this significant update and see what it has in store for Holotable Heroes!

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What’s New in the 7.2 Update?

Battle for Naboo Raid

One of the most anticipated additions in this update is the Battle for Naboo Raid. This new raid promises to challenge players with multi-phase battles against formidable foes on the iconic planet of Naboo. Guilds must strategize and collaborate to defeat these powerful enemies and earn valuable rewards.

New Character: Night Trooper

The Night Trooper, inspired by Ahsoka, makes its debut in this update. This dark side attacker is aligned with the Imperial Remnant and Nightsisters factions. With unique abilities like Blight and Alert, the Night Trooper adds strategic depth and versatility to team compositions.

Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano joins the ranks of Galactic Legends and is now available in the Journey Guide. This powerful character brings her unique skills and abilities, making her a valuable addition to any player’s roster.

Updated Character Portraits

All character portraits have received a visual update, enhancing the overall aesthetic and bringing a fresh look to the game.

Quality of Life Improvements

Quality of Life Improvements

Mod Battles Unlock for Returning Players

Players above level 58 who couldn’t see the quest to unlock Mod Battles will now have them unlocked automatically, streamlining the experience for returning players.

Inquisitorius Faction Datacron Adjustments

The description of the Inquisitorius Faction Datacron has been adjusted. Now, whenever an Inquisitorius ally uses a basic ability against an enemy with a stack of Purge, another Inquisitorius ally will assist, dealing additional damage and inflicting Purge.

Bug Fixes

Music Bug in Events

A bug where the music would stop playing when retreating or completing a combat battle in the Events section has been fixed. This fix ensures a seamless and immersive audio experience throughout gameplay.

Known Issues and Monitoring

The team is aware of and monitoring several issues, including:

  • Night Trooper’s Special 2 ability’s Blight being applied universally and being resistible.
  • Droideka’s abilities not functioning as intended in the Battle for Naboo Raid.
  • Several inconsistencies and bugs related to the Command Droid’s unique ability and the Energize ability.
Arena Rank #867 with various character icons and ratings

Strategic Tips for the New Update

Maximizing Night Trooper’s Potential

To fully utilize the Night Trooper, focus on enhancing Potency to maximize the effectiveness of Blight. Pair the Night Trooper with other Imperial Remnant characters to take full advantage of the Blight and Alert mechanics.

Navigating the Battle for Naboo Raid

Coordinate with your guild to develop strategies for each phase of the Battle for Naboo Raid. Focus on team compositions that can efficiently manage Turn Meter and deal with the unique challenges presented by the raid bosses.


What is the Battle for Naboo Raid? The Battle for Naboo Raid is a new multi-phase raid set on the planet of Naboo, offering challenging battles and valuable rewards for guilds.

Who is the Night Trooper? The Night Trooper is a new dark side attacker aligned with the Imperial Remnant and Nightsisters factions, featuring unique abilities like Blight and Alert.

How can I unlock Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano? Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano is available in the Journey Guide. Complete the necessary requirements to unlock this powerful character.

What improvements have been made to character portraits? All character portraits have been updated to enhance the visual appeal and provide a fresh look to the game.

How has the Inquisitorius Faction Datacron been adjusted? The Inquisitorius Faction Datacron now triggers an assist from another Inquisitorius ally when a basic ability is used against an enemy with Purge, dealing additional damage and inflicting Purge.

What bugs have been fixed in this update? The update includes fixes for the music bug in events and various known issues related to character abilities and raid mechanics.

Jedi Knight Cal Kestis hologram game interface


The 7.2 update for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes brings exciting new content, valuable improvements, and important fixes. From the thrilling Battle for Naboo Raid to the introduction of new characters like the Night Trooper and Galactic Legend Ahsoka Tano, there’s plenty for players to explore and enjoy. Stay updated and may the Force be with you as you navigate these new challenges and opportunities!