Interview with Bioware’s Richard Vogel

Check out this Star Wars: The Old Republic interview from Bioware’s Co-GM Richard Vogel. Please excuse the bad audio.


I am Richard Vogel and I am the co-GM at Bioware-Austin. Basically this story, umm, takes place 300 years after the original KotOR, which is what it’s based on. Uh, Knights of the Old Republic. And, uh, 2700 years before the movies. So gives us a lot of leeway to a lot of stuff we couldn’t do if we were near the movies. So, there are a lot of Jedi, for instance, in our game.

But as far as classes go, we announced the Bounty Hunter, and we announced the Trooper, and we announced the Smuggler.

We have been developing for about three years. We’re, uh, not ready, still not ready to release yet. We have a ways to go.

Well, basically what we did is, we did, uh, we kinda have a pretty high realistic stylized we call it stylized realism in our game. And it, uh, allows us to be able to work on lower end systems. And what that style allows us to do is we have a lot more latitude (not sure) like other styles have. And it adds a kind of a unique look to our games, so we decided to go with that.

We also, when we decided to design our characters we wanted to make them look rug(?) and that was the other thing we did as well as far as stylization goes.

We have eight classes announced and each class is around 200 hours of story.