Blood of the Empire #8 is online!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire concludes Arc Two of The Broken World [HERE] this week. The eight issue of the ongoing free webcomic is continuing the crazy mystery that left everyone hanging at the end of issue seven.  Will Kel find his answers in time? What is Kressh’s ultimate plan?  Check out the synopsis for issue eight below:

Teneb Kel is confronted with a strange and frightening vision of the past, the future, and of his greatest enemy. As he lies broken in the Lenico wasteland, he must seek the truth about Exal Kressh and the Emperor’s goals within his mystical dream–or be utterly destroyed when he returns to reality.

As if issue seven wasn’t confusing enough!  The eighth issue continues to perplex the mind.  Kel continues his “vision quest” or at least we are left thinking he’s having a vision.  While in his vision he learns some terrible truths.  Truths that make you stop and wonder what is going on with the Sith Empire in this timeframe!   Most notably the Emperor himself!  Everything seems to hinge on this Sith Emperor, and what Kressh found on Lenico that changed everything for her.  Will learning the same truths change everything for Kel as well?  So many questions!  Who is Darth Thanaton?  And how does he fit into Kels vision?  And what’s going on with the vision in the first place?  How much of it is real?  Where is Kressh REALLY at?  Who is the Jedi with Kel’s Bith slave?  So darn many questions and so very few answers given!  But don’t worry- ‘Arc Three’ kicks off soon, and you know we’ll be here to give you the details!  So stay tuned as more details are sure to come!