Interview with Stephen Reid brings us an interview with Stephen Reid. Honestly Mr. Reid hasn’t said anymore than what we (the fans) already know, other than the fact he likes playing as a debonair smuggler as he woes the ladies at one of the local cantinas shooting one of Greedo’s ancestor right between the eyes than he does playing the celibate Jedi; although, wielding a lightsaber and the Force is super fun.  Mr. Reid is from Britain who is the Senior Community Manager for The Old Republic and has only just moved into the U.S. last year, but has worked for U.S.companies for the past 2.  He has had his hand in various game industries for the past 12 years but he’s been working with MMORPG’s for the last 6. To those that need TOR to be subtitled in another language other than English they’re currently working on French and German. Answering questions were tough, since he doesn’t want to start any rumors that are not true. He is very excited about the Tor’s release this spring 2011 as well as he loves to meet the fans of this very popular game that no normal person (like myself) has played yet.

May the Force be with you all.

Here is an Excerpt:

Stephen Reid: “I actually like meeting players at events the most. It sounds like an obvious answer but there’s really nothing better than meeting someone who’s a huge fan of the game you’re working on and hearing their enthusiasm. It also helps that you’re usually meeting them at a big event that’s a lot of fun to work at, too.”