May the schwartz be with you: Sheen Wars: Darth Sheen is Winning

Youtube User DarthBaleDotCom has busted out a mashup of Charlie Sheen’s now-historic rants (with a little vocorder added) with Darth Vader’s historic entrance in the Star Wars saga.

I was expecting to hate this. But it’s a wonderfully refreshing way to relive all those classic Sheen soundbites from so long, long ago.

See our bi-winning superstar playing as the Darth Vader. Darth Sheen has tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA.

Darth Sheen argues with his henchmen and orders stormtroopers about saying: “We are high priest Vatican assassin warlocks!””

He also has a confrontation with Princess Leia which finishes with Darth Sheen blasting: “I’m done, it’s on, bring it!””

Darth Sheen also has an argument with one of the commanders of the Death Star.

In the Two-and-a-Half Men star’s unmistakable voice the masked figure shouts: “I’m so tired of pretending my life isn’t b****ing and perfect and winning.

“I’m just going to hang around with these smoking hotties and fly privately around the world.

“Sorry dude, I didn’t make up the rules.”

Watch Charlie Sheen’s rant vs. Darth Vader Mashup Video below:

The winning is strong with this one.