What’s Your Protection against SWTOR Spoilers?

There’s nothing worse than someone ruining the ending to the movie you’re all hopped up to go see. Well, maybe one thing… someone spoiling the plot to a video game you’re super excited to play. Have you ever had a buddy beat a game before you and he just can’t keep his mouth shut about it even though you’re only an hour into the storyline?

So with a game as popular as SWTOR, what’s going to happen when people start playing and gamers start talking? What’s going to happen when someone shares the next storyboard when you haven’t gotten that far along? Some players don’t care; especially in an MMORPG where some play for the experience and the multi-player aspects more than the storyline.

But some players do care about the storyline and some want to be able to reveal the game on their own terms and at their own pace. So if you fall into this category, what can you do to protect yourself against spoilers that are sure to come from Star Wars: The old Republic?

Here are some ideas for spoiler protection:

  • Lock yourself in the basement the first moment you get your hands on TOR and don’t come out until you consider your experience complete.
  • Order pizza and demand the delivery guy leave it outside the door. Any exposure to the outside world is a risk you don’t want to take.
  • Ignore the phone and ignore all of the internet outside of TOR.
  • If the above suggestions don’t sound practical to you, then here are some common sense solutions:
  • Try to avoid certain sites that are most likely to contain spoilers- anything with “TOR info”, “TOR Story” or “TOR Wiki” in the title is probably going to spoil the story.
  • Be aware of any fan site or media site that contains [spoilers] in the title or at the top of a post.
  • When reading the official TOR forums, be wary of posts that contain [spoilers] or [spoiler alert] in the title. Hopefully the staff will do a good job of supporting this so spoilers are not posted without warning.
  • Ignore in-game players speaking spoilers in general chat channels.
  • Make a guild rule that guild members do not ruin the storyline for other players. Enforce this rule.

So how do you plan to prevent spoilers from ruining your TOR experience?