Top 5 Questions and Answers from Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con gave us all one more glimpse into SWTOR and what we have to look forward to. There were interviews, panels and Q&A questions like never before as we hear the news of pre-orders opening and we grow closer and closer to an actual release date.

So what were the top five questions from Comic Con? What about the top five answers?

It seems like with every question that gets answered, three more questions open up. It’s exciting but frustrating at the same time as we near the eventual release date. The Tor Report brought us the top five questions and answers from SDCC and you can check out the full list for yourself.
Here are some highlights:
  • Mass testing will begin in September.
  • The appearance of companions will be customizable.
  • Info on how the two factions will interact.

More questions:

  • Will the pre-order digital item perks be available account-wide or just per one character?
  • Will SWTOR have a legacy system?
  • How many characters can you have per server? Account-wide?

What about you? Were your questions answers at SDCC? Do you have more questions? If you could speak to BioWare team yourself right now, what would your biggest question be about SWTOR?