TOR to Sell 2 Million Units at Launch According to Analyst

Everyone seems to be highly concerned with how much TOR is going to sell on launch. We keep hearing predictions, guesstimates and more. One analyst familiar with the industry says the magic number will be 2 million units at launch. Michael Pachter with Wedbush Securities issued an investor note yesterday that says he predicts the launch sale of 2 million units with 1.5 million staying after the initial free month that is traditionally offered by games.
Pachter is the host of Pach Attack on GameTrailers, and he tweets from @michaelpachter.
I think he’s on to something here and I tend to agree with the numbers. I mean, it makes sense when you add all the factors. This game has something for so many different people- MMORPG fans, Star Wars fans, ex-WoW players, those who want to be ex-WoW players and more. There’s not a lot of question about BioWare bringing in the numbers on launch. The real test will be can they keep them?