SWTOR Game Tester Experience Email

“This is not the email you are looking for. Move along…”

Feel like you were just a victim of Jedi mind tricks? If you got the very confusing email asking you if you enjoyed your tester experience in SWTOR and if you would like to fill out a survey to share your opinions- don’t panic!

First, you are not alone.
Second, you are not invited to the beta with this email.

Sorry to burst your bubble…

When the email came in to me last night, my cell phone, Facebook and email blew up with friends asking me if I got it, too and if I knew what it was about. (When did I become the authority on such matters?) So I headed straight over to Twitter and asked Stephen Reid (that’s his job, right?) but he was in flight coming home to Austin so it took a little while for him to get back with us and droves of other people were in freak-out mode by that point.
Senior Community Coordinator David Bass was there to help us out and let us know that they were investigating the matter. His advice? “Hang tight. And remain calm. :)”
Easier said than done, my friend. So while countless numbers of SWTOR fans searched furiously through their spam inboxes and Mr. Reid landed in Austin to catch wind of the disaster, we set out to investigate.
It turns out this was “human error” and emails were sent out to their general email list, rather than to specific tester emails. This is no way affects your chances to get into testing in the future.
To say that some people are ticked is an understatement. They should at least get some kudos for being a customer service department that actually manned up and admitted “human error”, no?
Reid’s answer on the fiasco:
“We can’t apologize enough for getting your hopes up. Sorry again. Those responsible will endure a thousand years in the Sarlacc Pit.”
If you’re still not sure whether or not you got in to game testing or a situation like this arises in the future, there is a simple fix. First, you can go to your account on the SWTOR forums, click your name, go to “account” and scroll down. If you get the notification that you will be considered for testing, then you are not yet in the testing. Sorry :/
You can also go here to check your game testing status.
If you’re still feeling raged over the massive mixup, check out these cartoons:

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