The Lost Suns: Episode 4 Preview

If you’ve been following The Lost Suns comic series like I have, you will be happy to know there is a new preview of The Lost Suns: Episode 4 available. This episode of The Lost Suns will be available for sale starting on September 14th. It is 32 pages long and sells for $3.50 US.

This edition picks up right where episodes 2 and 3 left off and continues the story. If you’ve read the previous comics and want a little preview of what is left to come in the story, then you should check out this preview over at Newsarama, complete with the actual pages of the comic themselves so you get the whole story for yourself. Then run out and buy your own copy on Sept. 14th.

If you’re following the stories, be sure to drop in and tell us what you think!

Captured by the evil Sith Empire, Republic spy Theron Shan is about to find out what secret sacrifice brought about the end of the great war. But once the Imperial’s covert activities are revealed, will he be able to act on his devastating discoveries?
The senior writer of the online game The Old Republic continues to weave secrets for game players into this comics saga! Don’t miss a single crucial issue!