Can You Crack It?

Don’t Let Hackers Get Your SWTOR Account Gamers are super pumped about SWTOR and the upcoming release on December 20th. As we all prepare for the game of the year (or game of the century, depending on who you ask), it’s important to make sure your account is protected.

BioWare has warned gamers about hackers and how you can protect your account in their news post. They are also asking gamers to change their passwords in order to meet with new security settings and requirements. The reminder is great but this is something that gamers should be doing anyway, for their own protection online.

It’s also recommended that you change your password frequently to something only you would know, do not use the same password that you use for other accounts (if one gets hacked, they will all be compromised) and do not share your password with anyone- not even your best friend.

Video game hackers are not a new phenomenon but with popular games like SWTOR, there is even more demand to get access to these game accounts- often by any means necessary. They can be a source of income for the right person, which increases the desire to gain illegal access to these accounts. For the gamer who has invested a lot of time and money in the game, the blow can be devastating.

Cyber crime is not limited to just video games, of course. The term “cyber crime” refers to any attacks on computer networks and they may affect anything from the national grid to online bank accounts or even emails and government or hospital computers. There are many different reasons why hackers do what they do. Sometimes it is because they want to gain access to something or for personal gain. Other times it is just to see if they can do it.

There are better things video game hackers could be doing with their time if you didn’t make it so easy for them to get into your account. For example, there is a current puzzle up at which challenges you to crack the code before someone else does. It has a timeline. Can you crack it? What about your friends? You better be quick because there is a timeline.