Beta client is now available to download!

The Beta client for next weekends beta testing is now available for download. If you haven’t gotten the mail yet, you can go to and get it.

Some people have experienced a problem with the client, as the orange bar below downloading, fills up immediately. This orange bar tracks the total download, the bar above it tracks the download of each piece. So there’s a chance that – if it’s going wrong – it can fill up for a second time before the actual process is done. Restarting the launcher a few times seems to Fix this. If it fills up right away and you leave it be thinking you can come back in a day to the downloaded client you could actually come back to find it redownloading itself for the third time without actually installing.

Another issue is that people “down under” get an error message along the lines of ‘Unavailable in your country’. AUS/NZ people are NOT region locked, so no need to give the forums a shit. have you remembered to update your security questions yet? that might be the answer.

EDIT: Game Testing Coordinator Amber Green has just posted this on the official forums:

Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed, we are beginning to grant access for players who will be asked to participate in this weekend’s Beta Testing Weekend. We will be sending invite emails very soon, but the process of inviting and granting access can take several days. If you do not have access now, please check back later in the week and watch for official announcements.
For anyone who has visited the Game Tester Page and has been able to download: you are installing the newest launcher and game client, and you will not need to uninstall if you get an invite email. However, this is a new build of the game, and any software used during previous testing phases will need to be updated to the current version.
Please note that we’ll be notifying players separately about when and how this testing phase will begin. Watch for official emails and sticky messages here in the Game Tester Forums.
We’re excited for this weekend’s fun and are looking forward to your participating and feedback! Welcome!