Intergalactic Intel: Resolutions

Intergalactic Intel: Resolutions

“Can you believe that guy?” Any louder and I was going to mute my friend.
“Be nice he’s new to MMO’s.”
“How can I be nice when it’s so easy?! Don’t hit the CC’d mob!”
“It takes practice; I mean we weren’t perfect back in Burning Crusade. Look how long it took for you to get the concept of line of sighting ranged mobs…” At that point I’m pretty sure I got a death glare through the internet. 

Welcome back to Intergalactic Intel! I hope everyone has enjoyed their new year as we bring 2012 into the works. With tons of new content coming from Bioware, and as servers make their communities, we here at Swtorstratgies will be keeping up with the latest information to provide to you.

So everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, quit smoking, and start learning that awkward hobby that only five people do so you can have an interesting conversation starter. This is important for MMO’s as well. While my jedi shadow will still be overweight, there are a lot of things we as players can do to improve.

No professional player is perfect. As someone who has raided with Vodka (a powerful WoW guild), I can honestly tell you that even they make mistakes. After getting a full understanding of your character there is still more work to do, small improvements that really take focus, similar to New Year’s resolutions. Examples of these things are watching dots or damage over time abilities. When you place a dot a on a player with an ability make sure to reapply the dot during the cast time so that when the last tick of your dot hits, you reapply it. To those of you who have never played a dot heavy class before, this can be very difficult to do, but the reward on damage is exponential.

Everyone loses their cool. It takes a lot of effort to keep a calm head. As a people we are quick to defend ourselves when insults come our way. This can quickly lead to a group disbanding. Another resolution for us in SWTOR is to simply remain calm. When faced with anger, ask how you can improve instead of explaining to them how good their mother is in at bed. More experienced players have some restraint. Show them how they could have performed better.

The thing about resolutions is that YOU have to make them. Being able to analyze what you need to become a better player. Knowing your own weakness takes time, ask help from others to figure out what you can improve on and stay vigilant.

That’s it for this week. Remember those resolutions! Next week we’ll be taking a look at PvP a little more closely. We’ll be covering the effects of tanks, and Bioware’s no level tier pvp. Until next time! May the force be with you.