SWTOR Early ‘End Game’ Review

The TORWARS team has been playing SWTOR quite a bit and they are now ready to reveal some of their “end game” insight into the game. After nearly a month since release (for early access players) this has been more than enough time for many players to find their way to level 50 and even to experience a bit of what that post-50 content has to offer.

This review is going to tell you about Ilum and daily questing, hard mode flashpoints, an overview of Operations and just general info about end game SWTOR. It’s definitely worth taking the time to read over unless you’ve already been 50 yourself for some time now (in which case, maybe you should be writing a review :p).
*Spoiler Warning: Republic-based End Game content revealed below.*
A snippet:
“So how do I rate the end game? Well, it’s important to acknowledge that the game has just been launched and the end game is fertile soil for planting more seeds. Currently, there isn’t that much to do end game for solo players. You have the daily quests but as I said they don’t take very long. And that’s pretty much it for solo players; daily quests and that’s it. You’re kind of forced to invent your own end game; like I went back and did all the heroics I had to miss because when I first passed through I was the only person there.”
So if you want to learn a little more about the experience, at least from the TORWARS perspective, check out their Early ‘End Game’ Review here.

Lisa Clark

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