Gree Event Returns – 7/22 – 7/29

swtor Gree Event Returns

While I’m glad to finally see when it will return, I’m a bit disheartened to learn it’ll be just a week. Got a good friend that wants the armor and is a new player so he’s not gonna get it until the 2nd (or 3rd) week played. He’s cool with it and accepted it but I’m a tad sad… for him. But he’ll survive. 😉

Anyways… been waiting for this for months, can finally finish maxing out rep and get all the legacy weapons. Also kind of a PSA, because I didn’t hear myself, but legacy shotguns and vibroknives are available at the Gree vendor now. I thought they were still missing.

Here is the official news from Tait Watson:

Emeraldon Tomb of Freedon Nadd 2 points 28 minutes ago (2|0)
Come on, BioWare! Give us more information! When is the Gree event? 🙁
July 22nd – July 29th, starting and ending at 12:00 GMT.
-Tait, Dropper Of Knowledges.