SWToR streams and vids!

SWToR streams and vids is the newest SWToRStrategies.com column covering the latest videos and streams from the SWToR community. Its intent is to highlight all the different videos and streams that might slip through the cracks and never get the attention they deserve.

Official SWToR Friday Community Stream (Duration: 1 hour 40 mins – August 15, 2014)


SWTOR PvP and leveling stream with Tait and Courtney.

State of the Galaxy : Episode 4 (Duration: 1 hour 16 mins – September 8,2014)


In this episode the host is joined by Dom, Justin, Krak, Tenebras, and Beslley, and they discuss the impending launch of 2.10 in terms of story as well as further discussion of conquest. Later they give an autopsy of this last tier of nightmare.

 Jooygirl – The Song of the Battle (Duration 18 secs – August 25, 2014)


Very short episode of Jooygirl striking fear into the hearts of her enemies with the song of the battle!

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