Friday 12/12 community stream with Towelliee


BioWare will be holding a specieal Star Wars: The old Republic : ‎Shadow of Revan‬ stream tomorrow Friday the 12 of december,  with Streamer Towelliee and ‎SWTOR‬ Producer Bruce Maclean.

If you don’t know who  Towelliee is, here is a short break down.  Towelliee is a Twitch.TV partner, Video Game broadcaster, ShoutCaster, Entertainer and much more, He live in California, San Diego county area, and have been around in the gaming world for years.. He is what you will call a professional gamer ( not that good, but really entertaining ). He is most known for his World of Warcraft, DayZ, Guild Wars 2 and off course SWTOR streams ( Every one plays SWTOR right?)

The stream will go live at  11AM PT/ 7AM GMT!

You can watch it below, or over at the official stream at twitch

Watch live video from SWTOR on