My Thoughts On 12x Experience In SWTOR!


Is the bonus for Shadows of Revan a good idea? Is BioWare making the right move by offering this 12x experience bonus to those who subscribe and preorder? Here we have an interesting video from Zach Sharpes that presents this question and then looks to answer it by trying it out.

Not everyone likes the 12x experience, actually. Here is one post as an example that brings up a very good point. What if it were on a toggle? Not everyone wants to take advantage of the 12x experience. You shouldn’t be forced to it if you really didn’t want it. So a toggle option would be a good way to give the best of both worlds.

Here’s a quote from that post in the forums linked above:

Customer Support Team: If you could pass on the impressions of a big fan who really wishes she had never pushed that button to buy, I would really appreciate it. It would have fixed everything for me if I could turn off the 12x experience or been able to return the expansion or pause it temporarily. I take full responsibility for not figuring that out ahead – I was excited for the new material and didn’t think things through. If someone figures out a way to fix this, please make sure you send out a note. For now, I am going to find something else I can play.


So what do you think about 12x experience? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

In this LUGO Live Stream Excerpt, I discuss my thoughts on 12x experience in SWTOR! If you guys didn’t know, Star Wars: The Old Republic with the announcement of their new expansion Shadow of Revan provided 12x experience bonuses to anyone who is subscribed and preordered the expansion. Is this a good idea? I give my thoughts!

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Zach Sharpes

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