Star Wars Battlefront: Lessons from Star Wars 1313

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We have talked at length here about Star Wars games- those in the past, current games and games of the future. Looking back at 2012 (it seems like just yesterday) we can recollect on several Star Wars games, including the much-anticipated Star Wars 1313 that would never become a reality. Remember the trailers? Remember E3 and the gameplay footage that got us all excited?

Then it was all ripped away from us as we were told that we would not be seeing this game after all. Movie Pilot has some theories that 1313 will live on in a way by potentially influencing Star Wars Battlefront.

“But what about Star Wars 1313? Can it leave behind any information for us? A lasting legacy? Can it show us what sort of gameplay we could expect from Star Wars Battlefront 3? Maybe, or maybe not, either way, I just want to look at Star Wars 1313 again and see what could have come our way.”

What does the one game even have to do with the other? The author goes on to explain:

But how can such a strong narrative game have anything to teach DICE with Star Wars Battlefront3? Well let’s take a look at the combat system first. DICE have apparently claimed that Battlefront will actually be their major FPS of 2015. Wait a minute…Battlefront shouldn’t be FPS! Not at all! Unless they meant it in the sense that their FPS’ are what brings them their highest profits and they had planned those kind of numbers for Battlefront.

In any case, fans have felt very uncomfortable hearing that genre description next to this game. One of the game’s most essential elements is that we can see the characters that we are playing as. Third person is far more suited to this universe, I don’t want to be looking at a lightsaber just swinging in front of me. Besides, you won’t be able to do any crazy Jedi tricks without feeling nauseous!

Star Wars 1313 knew this too and the third person combat worked really well for its scenes that featured the main character scaling this fallen ship as it crashed (really reminds me of the Uncharted train sequence). But it’s combat is what could really inspire DICE. The weapons sounds fantastic and the burst of colourful light from their blasters is perfect and feels powerful. The flashing of blue and red on screen still looked impressive, so imagine it on Xbox One and PS4.

You can read the article in full for yourself and make your own opinions but we think it presents an interesting case. Could DICE learn something from the Little Game That Never Could about how to improve Star Wars Battlefront?

There’s also a vote at the bottom: Would you prefer Star Wars Battlefront or Star Wars 1313?

Lisa Clark

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