New Star Wars: Battlefront Update Reportedly Underway Bringing Weapon and Vehicle Buffs

A living-breathing world like that of Star Wars: Battlefront is in continuous need of updating and tweaking, and the community is indeed very demanding in this respect. The January patch brought many improvements, tweaking various weapons and even characters, looking to smooth out the balance, and while most of these tweaks were welcome indeed, some of them ended up generating unwanted side-effects. The Homing Shot and the Bowcaster for instance got seriously nerfed, so much so in fact that according to the community, the two said weapons have become all but useless. There was naturally a lot of upheaval tied to these botched tweaks, but help is apparently already underway. According to Battlefront Community Manager Sledgehammer70, the next update will target the above said two weapons, and they will be restored to what they should indeed be.

The Community Manager also admitted that the tweaks in the works for the two weapons would indeed qualify as buffs, but refused to provide further details until the actual launch of the patch. What has been revealed though was the fact that Starfighters would also be targeted with tweaks through the same update. Based on community feedback, the A-Wing will apparently have its hit-box adjusted, and it will be subjected to some other changes as well. Starfighters have been able to make use of their shields to ram ground vehicles without sustaining any sort of damage, and that aspect will obviously be addressed as well.

Above and beyond everything touched on above, a new game-mode, long avoided by the developer, seems to have gained some traction too. Indeed, we’re talking about offline multiplayer, the addition of which would be huge and which – according to Lead Designer Dennis Brannvall – is now a real possibility. There is no real information pertaining to the possible release date of such a mode available yet though.