Tips & Tricks to Hit Strike After Strike in the Online Bowling Game

Do you often roll turkeys and string strikes in your bowling games but find it challenging to achieve the same in an online bowling game? We’ve got you covered with several smart tricks that will help you ace your online game as well.

 If you have played a bowling game before, you probably know how difficult hitting strikes in a row can be. Moreover, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, the excitement of hitting a strike is unmatched. Fortunately, hitting strike after strike in an online bowling game is a piece of cake. It just takes a few tips and tricks and some practice to master the bowling game and leave no room for your opponent to score higher than you. 

Are you a beginner at the online bowling game and not sure what a strike is? Well, a strike is your ticket to winning the game. In a bowling game, when you knock down all the pins in the first chance, you’ve hit a strike. On hitting a strike, the frame is completed, and your opponent gets a turn to knock down the pins.

Now that you know what a strike is, let’s get started. Get your smartphones out and flex your fingers before you start using these tips and tricks to see your score skyrocket. Here are the top bowling tips for hitting strikes in a row when you play the bowling game online on the MPL app.

Tricks to Hit Multiple Strikes in a Row

You may already know several tricks to hit a strike in an actual bowling game. The size of the ball, the angle of your hand and wrist, and the way of holding the ball, everything matters when it comes to hitting a strike in the bowling alley. However, those tricks may not be beneficial in an online bowling game as you won’t be holding the ball physically. Fret not! The tricks to hitting a strike while playing bowling online are easier than the actual game, thanks to the game mechanics. Here are a few pointers (essentially the tips and tricks) that will help you knock down all the pins at once:

Focus on the Arrow

One thing that you may be doing wrong in the online bowling game is focusing on the pins rather than the arrow markings on the bowling lane. When you play an online bowling game on the app, you can spot green arrow markings pointing towards the pins. Setting the right angle for the ball with the help of these arrows is the first step that takes you closer to hitting a strike. With all the 10 pins lined up at the end of the bowling lane, your strategy can be to hit the forward-most pin with enough force so that it channels that force to all the other pins, knocking them down at once. Set the arrow marking to the middle of the lane so that the ball hits the first pin, pull the ball back and release it to add a lot of force.

Add Some Spin 

Adding some spin to the ball and can get the work done quickly. Merely throwing the ball in a straight direction to hit the center is not enough to knock all the pins down. If you want to roll a strike, you must add some curve to the ball. Aim for the pocket, a spot between the first pin and the closest pin on the left or right. Pull the ball back and flick it forward instead of just releasing it. Flicking it forward with a finger will add some spin to the ball. Ensure that your aim is intact while flicking the ball; if you flick the ball in a slight left or right direction, the ball might even fall into the gutter or just hit the corner pins.

Put a Curve on it

Flicking the ball straight as an arrow shouldn’t be your main goal when bowling. To bowl strikes, you need to add some curve to your throw. The idea is to flick the ball from either of the edge of the lane and adding a curve so that the ball hits the pockets on either side of the first ball.

Always Aim for the Pockets

As discussed in the above trick, the pocket is a sweet spot between the forwardmost pin and its neighbouring pin on the left or the right. Aiming for these pockets can increase your chances of hitting a strike consistently. The pockets are usually at an angle, therefore, the best way to hit a pocket is to curve the ball in towards the pocket from the edge. If you are aiming for the pockets, you will have to shift the arrow marking towards the left or right accordingly and adjust your aim before flicking the ball forward. 

The Bottom Line

These tips and tricks will come in handy when you take up the next online bowling game challenge with an opponent. While practicing these tricks is important for the hitting strike after strike, it is equally important to enjoy the game without the fear of failure. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the bowling game, play online of the MPL app against live players and stun them with your newly acquired bowling skills.