The Best Apps to Play Yahtzee Online

Yahtzee is a dice game for those who love killing their time and enjoying new games with their friends. It has a long history that makes it iconic, dating back to 1956, when Edwin S. Lowe first introduced it as Yahtzee. The game’s popularity rose so much that it sold around 40 million Yahtzee within 20 years.

However, the company was later acquired by Milton Bradley Company in 1975, and since then, its popularity has increased instead of going down. According to the current CEO, the game sells around 50 million copies yearly, making it an iconic game that people of all ages love to play.

How to Play Yahtzee? 

This fun dice game is based on earlier dice games, Yacht and Poker 6, but it is not the exact copy of it. The game is based on five dice rolled to score points in a certain combination. Every player can take three chances in turn to make various scoring combinations. After each turn, the player decides to choose the scoring combination. One Yahtzee game has thirteen rounds. However, a player cannot select a scoring combination twice. These scoring categories have different values; some are fixed, while others depend on the number of dice. 50 is the highest score any category can achieve.

However, do you have to buy Yahtzee to play this amazing game? Well, no! There are many online sites and apps where you can play Yahtzee for free. But with so many options, it might be difficult to select the best app. That’s where we will help you.

Here are a few best apps to play Yahtzee that takes the pleasure of playing it to the next level:

1.  Solitaired

Its name might be Solitaired, but It is one of the best sites for iconic classic games, including Yahtzee.

It has amazing animations, background customization options, the fastest speed, different levels, and everyday challenge options that make playing Yahtzee a whole new experience. You can also play live against other players, or invite friends to play. So, if you want a wonderland of many brain games, Solitaired app is ready to entertain you.

2.            Yahtzee with Buddies

Yahtzee with Buddies is one of the most popular Yahtzee apps on Google, with around 4.3 ratings by 239K users. You can play it in single or multiplayer mode to have a friendly face-off with friends. In fact, you can play it in different ways, with buddies, in tournaments, and in daily challenges. It has over 10M downloads that show people love its features and funky board colors that give it a distinct touch. Even playing it in a single mode is not a bad option because who would need another person if playing alone also gives you so much fun? Moreover, you also win prizes if you play well. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

3.            Crazy Games

Crazy Games is a huge platform with a plethora of crazy, fun games you might not find on other platforms, such as Cut the Rope, Layers roll, Tic-TacToe, MotoX3M, etc. And Yahtzee is also a part of this crazy squad of games. It has a rating of 7.5 on its website, with 1773 players. It shows that people love the features of this amazing app. 

Want to know another good thing? You can play this as a single player or with upto 3 opponents to take your fun to the next level. The smooth and creative animation, graphics, and music of this game give an aesthetically pleasing experience while challenging your mind. You can easily check your performance on an easy-to-understand scoreboard and strategize your next move better. So, if you really want to have a crazy day playing iconic fun games, then crazy games are the right place for you.

4.            Pogo

If you have a really competitive soul, then Pogo Yahtzee is for you. You can play with 11 players in Pogo, and every player can see the score sheet to strategize the next move and improve their performance. Ultimately, all players can compare their score sheets to know who took the victory home and claimed the top place. The fun doesn’t end here. 

What makes it so different from others is that it has introduced an ace card, Wild Dice. If you are a registered Pogo player, you can purchase it and use it as any number. Yes, you heard it right: like any number. But better use it strategically with the right combination to increase your point. And if you are way too generous, you can give these powerful dice to another player (I wonder if anybody would do this courtesy!).

Moreover, registered players can also earn rewards and coins and unlock many custom options to enjoy the game to the fullest.


The popularity of Yahtzee is growing tremendously, and it is reaching a point where playing Yahtzee might become a very iconic thing for people. So, before you get behind the pack and your friends already get pro, it is time to add Yahtzee to your gaming list so that you can enjoy friendly tournaments and competitions with friends and family online. Try out the above-mentioned options, and you will not regret your decision.