Programmer’s work on a rising wave

Is the demand for coders rising or falling? Someone studying to be a programmer might want answers to this question. According to researchers, HR departments are searching for the best programmers out there. Programming is just like the gry 77777 games. These professionals are in demand since the coronavirus pandemic came. It was harder to do business offline due to the high transmission rate of the virus. So, people had to embrace digital transformation, which required the programmer’s help. 

What do coders do?

Programmers are professionals who create codes for apps and websites. They do not create a design; they develop a readymade design by creating a unique code. Although some machine learning systems are now writing codes, human developers are still in demand. The truth is that there are more jobs for programmers than before AI systems invaded the market. Do you know why? A programmer can code and solve other problems. 

Small enterprises need coders

Local and multinational companies may not rely on the skills of a programmer so much these days. They have the money to adopt emerging coding technologies. It will take us years to eliminate coders as new start-up businesses crop up every day. These businesses will call a human programmer when they need an eCommerce website or a functional app. 

Do we have self-taught programmers? 

Not everyone who understands technical things can afford higher education. After the first degree or no degree at all, some coders decide to advance their studies without a tutor. The internet makes learning possible for everyone, including these engineers. If a coder understands top programming languages, they may not need the papers to get a job. 

Besides, a programmer who has gone to college and a self-taught one does not stop learning. They are in the technology industry that evolves daily. Missing a few new codes can make any coder lag their competition. As avenues for self-training increase online, no developer can have an excuse for being behind. 

How can employers support their coders?

Programmers are gems in the IT department. Just like other workers, they can sometimes feel unappreciated. That is why employers need to boost their morale by paying them a competitive salary. Their work is complex, and it deserves better pay. Secondly, HR recruiters need to understand the updated roles of a developer

After that, they will write better job role descriptions and give everyone an equal chance to compete for a vacancy. Thirdly, employers should create on-the-job training for coders to advance their skills. 

When a company spends money to educate its developers, it will reap good fruits from the endeavour later. Having developers who are aware of what is new in their field benefits your company. 


Coders’ skills are in demand right now. But what does the future hold for them? Coders can thrive in the future by understanding how current technology can meet the customer’s needs. Programmers should always be ready to learn new things to remain relevant in their fields. The Covid-19 pandemic period gave their career a massive boost. It is now up to coders to do all they can to improve their employability.