Friday update – Choose Your Side: Choose Your Side: Smuggler vs. Sith Warrior

Yesterday Bioware released the fourth and final installment in the “Choose Your Side” series, pitting the Sith Warrior vs the Smuggler class. In the video, the developers give you details on the type of playstyle and story you can expect from each class and then pit them against each other in a one-on-one battle to the death.

From the moment we announced the eight classes in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ fans have been pitting them against each other, arguing who would have the advantage in a one-on-one fight. The hallways of BioWare echo this debate, with the writers, combat designers and other developers all chiming in on which classes they feel will have the upper hand.

In the fourth and final installment of “Choose Your Side,” writers and developers discuss the ins and outs of the Smuggler and Sith Warrior classes, highlighting some of the skills and abilities that separate these classes from the rest. This time around, Senior Writer Hall Hood and Senior Game Designer William Wallace stand behind the Smuggler, while Writer Ian Ryan and PvP Designer Ben Pielstick speak for the Sith Warrior.

Which side do you choose? Let us know by posting on our Community Forums and Facebookpages. You can also reply to us on Twitter with either the #CYSSmuggler or #CYSWarrior hashtags! After you watch Choose Your Side, be sure to check out the Character Progression videos for both the Smuggler and Sith Warrior to see how each of these iconic classes will evolve as you progress through The Old Republic.