The Best Star Wars Video Games Ranked 2023

Which metrics do you use to rank Star Wars games? By how accurately they portray the movies? By how fun they are, regardless of whether they include fan service? Or perhaps by how much Star Wars lore is thrown in?

In our opinion, good Star Wars games are a blend of all of the above. Yes, we appreciate accuracy to the source material, and of course we’d like a cameo from Yoda. But what good is a Yoda cameo if the game itself isn’t particularly enjoyable? Creating a ranked list of games wasn’t easy, but after many debates and a handful of arguments, this is what we eventually agreed on. We’re not suggesting this list is final, but think it’s pretty fair.

Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

If you’re old enough to have seen the launch of Jedi Knight 2, you’ll know how much excitement there was at the time. Yes, it’s a Star Wars game with lightsabers and blasters; that’s par for the course. But Jedi Knight 2 stands apart in so many other ways it’s difficult to list them all here. From being able to wall run, to being able to pick up enemies and slam them into walls, it’s difficult to accept that this game came out in 2002. Sure, numerous Star Wars games did this all better later, but Jedi Knight 2 somehow manages to still be amongst the best. Also, we’d be remiss for not mentioning that Jedi Knight 2 is the first game to show us what happens when rain makes contact with a lightsaber. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Some don’t like Fallen Order, mainly because it unnecessarily copies the Dark Souls formula. We agree that the Dark Souls style doesn’t entirely fit a Star Wars game. It is, of course, more than a little odd that previously dead enemies are somehow back from the dead every time you rest. But looking beyond that question mark, there is no doubt that Fallen Order is an astoundingly great game. More to the point, it’s astoundingly good as well as being a Star Wars game. Yes, we have more to say regarding technical details, but we’ll get to that with Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars: Battlefront I And II

Just stick with us here, we are well aware of the drama surrounding these games. Yes, this is the franchise that set off a controversial storm that swept the internet like a bushfire. EA did what EA does and snuck in pay-to-win mechanics, which isn’t acceptable by any means. But after the pay-to-win mechanics got cut out, there is no denying that the Battlefront games are great. They brim with impressive technology, recreating epic Star Wars battles with astounding detail. Sure, the mechanics aren’t as deep as other, similar games, but look at the graphics and tell me you aren’t blown away. There is, in our opinion, no better way to feel like you’re in the actual Star Wars universe than playing these games.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

So, you’re trying to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but find it curious that a game releasing in 2023 is running like garbage. We feel your pain, especially because our own copy is a mess on a very modern PC. The same is true for Fallen Order, and to say we’re unhappy is an understatement. But just because a game runs badly, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate how good it is. Survivor does everything Fallen Order did, but way better in every regard. In fact, if it ran better we’d personally have put it higher on the list. If you can’t look past the performance issues, you can always play a few Star Wars themed slots at Treasure Mile while you wait for a patch.

Knights Of The Old Republic 2

You knew the Knights Of The Old Republic Games would make an appearance, and here they are. Yes, we’ve put the duo as the top entries on the list, and aren’t making any apologies. Again; we’re aware of the issues but prefer to look beyond technical problems where ranking applies. As everyone knows, Knights Of The Old Republic 2 came out teeming with bugs, having much of its content missing, and that is a shame. 

But the fact of the matter is that today you can play a far better version, with many of the issues lovingly resolved by fans. This is the version we’re ranking and believe Knights Of The Old Republic 2 deserves praise. It is, of course, the dark, twisted narrative that makes this such a compelling game. Obsidian aren’t afraid to go to some chilling places, and in our opinion, it’s the dark areas of the Star Wars universe that need more attention. Disagree if you want, but Knights Of The Old Republic 2 is a gem that deserves its number 2 spot on the list.

Knights Of The Old Republic

We can sit all day and argue whether Knights Of The Old Republic really is as good as everyone says. The game certainly is showing its age, and yes we’re aware that a remake is in the works. So why did we put it in the number 1 spot? Because, regardless of how you feel about ageing graphics, this is a Star Wars game that is fundamentally Star Wars in every regard. This isn’t a game about Star Wars, this is the Star Wars universe in video game form. From the characters to the story to the settings and the action, the game absolutely nails what makes Star Wars so good in the first place. If you ever did get a chance to explore faraway planets in Star Wars, meeting interesting characters along the way, tell us it wouldn’t be exactly like this.

That’s our list, and we understand if you have some issues with it. But as already said, we don’t claim that this is a list that can’t be challenged. We’re open to suggestions, after all.