Gear Up for the Galaxy: 'Star Wars Outlaws' Pre-Order Perks Unveiled

Gear Up for the Galaxy: ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Pre-Order Perks Unveiled

The galaxy is buzzing with anticipation as new details about “Star Wars Outlaws” have been unveiled, including enticing pre-order bonuses and options for early access. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, the brains behind “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora”, have been hard at work on this open-world Star Wars saga since its announcement in 2021. After a thrilling reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase last June, fans have been eagerly awaiting more glimpses into the adventures of Kay Vess, a budding smuggler carving her path through the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

A Heist of Galactic Proportions

Set in the tumultuous period between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”, “Star Wars Outlaws” immerses players in the life of Kay Vess. Aspiring to leave her mark on the galaxy’s criminal underworld, Kay teams up with the enigmatic Jaylen and the formidable assassin droid ND-5. Their mission: to execute the most audacious heist the Outer Rim has ever witnessed. This treacherous quest will introduce players to iconic Star Wars locales and notorious figures, including the formidable Jabba the Hutt.

Unlock Your Galactic Potential Early

A recent story trailer has not only expanded our understanding of Kay’s daring quest but also detailed the rewards awaiting those who pre-order “Star Wars Outlaws”. Among the revealed bonuses is the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, a collection of special cosmetics for Kay’s speeder and her vessel, the Trailblazer, offered to all who pre-order. Furthermore, fans looking to dive into the galaxy ahead of the crowd can do so by purchasing the Gold or Ultimate Editions, granting access to the game three days before its official release.

Pre-Order Bonuses in Detail:

  • The Kessel Runner Bonus Pack (All Versions): Aesthetic upgrades for Kay’s speeder and the Trailblazer spaceship.
  • Rogue Infiltrator Bundle (Ultimate Edition): Exclusive cosmetics for Kay, Nix, their speeder, and the Trailblazer.
  • Sabacc Shark Bundle (Ultimate Edition): Unique cosmetics for Kay and her blaster, Nix, the speeder, and the Trailblazer.
  • Digital Art Book (Ultimate Edition): A visual feast celebrating the art of “Star Wars Outlaws”.
  • Three Days Early Access (Gold or Ultimate Edition): Be among the first to chart your course through the galaxy.

A Journey Through the Criminal Underworld

“Star Wars Outlaws” promises to offer a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe, focusing on the shadowy fringes of galactic society rather than the well-trodden path of the Jedi and the Force. The story trailer teases a rich narrative filled with cameos, Easter eggs, and encounters with the galaxy’s most infamous criminal elements, including the Pykes and Crimson Dawn.

As Kay Vess steps into Jabba’s Palace and glimpses Han Solo frozen in carbonite, players are reminded of the vast and vibrant world awaiting them. With “Star Wars Outlaws”, the stage is set for an adventure that explores the gritty, exhilarating life of the galaxy’s outlaws and smugglers.

Mark Your Calendars

With its release date confirmed for August 30, “Star Wars Outlaws” is poised to be a landmark addition to the Star Wars gaming legacy. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of early access or the exclusive in-game items, pre-ordering “Star Wars Outlaws” ensures you’re equipped to navigate the challenges and triumphs of the galactic underworld. Prepare to join Kay Vess and her companions on a quest for freedom and glory in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.