Navigating the Underworld: 'Star Wars Outlaws' Sets the Stage for Galactic Misadventures

Navigating the Underworld: ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ Sets the Stage for Galactic Misadventures

The Star Wars universe is on the cusp of exploring uncharted territories with the upcoming release of “Star Wars Outlaws”, slated for August 30, 2024, for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. This open-world action-adventure game promises to plunge fans deep into the galaxy’s underworld, steering clear of the traditional Jedi-centric narrative to spotlight the thrilling escapades of Kay Vess, an emerging scoundrel with ambitions that could shake the stars. recently caught up with Julian Gerighty, the creative force behind Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment, for an insightful discussion on what players can expect from “Star Wars Outlaws”. The game is buzzing with anticipation, not just for its innovative take on the Star Wars saga but also for its introduction of formidable villains and potential allies shaping Kay’s journey.

A Crime Syndicate Like No Other

Gerighty shared intriguing details about the new crime syndicate, the Ashiga Clan, and its rivals, created specifically for “Star Wars Outlaws”. Sliro, an exceedingly wealthy crime lord, and Zerek Besh, distinguish themselves from other criminal organizations with their unique silhouette, behavior, and militaristic flair. These new additions to the Star Wars lore are set to offer players a complex dynamic between Kay, the syndicates, and their inter-syndicate rivalries, enriching the narrative depth of the game.

Designing the Menace

The design process for Zerek Besh was meticulously crafted to reflect their well-funded, militaristic nature, making them a formidable force within the game. Gerighty explained the importance of distinctive helmets in Star Wars and how Zerek Besh’s design aimed to stand out while contributing to the narrative’s richness.

Kay Vess: A Relatable Outlaw

“Star Wars Outlaws” explores Kay Vess’s evolution from a petty thief to a formidable outlaw, a journey that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt trapped by their circumstances. Gerighty emphasized the game’s focus on providing a matinee action experience, ensuring players feel good about navigating the morally grey areas of the underworld. The game is designed to be fun and lighthearted, where dilemmas are presented, but actions are always in the spirit of “punching up”.

Exploring the Galaxy’s Dark Corners

One of the most rewarding aspects of developing “Star Wars Outlaws” for Gerighty has been the opportunity to delve deeper into the galaxy’s underworld through the lens of criminal syndicates. This perspective opens up a vast possibility space for player interactions and reputation management among the different factions, presenting a uniquely customizable adventure.

Legacy and Impact of “Star Wars Outlaws”

As “Star Wars Outlaws” nears its release, the potential impact of video games on culture and their power to introduce new generations to the Star Wars universe cannot be overstated. Gerighty hopes that the game will not only entertain but also inspire players through its narrative and open-world experience, embodying the essence of being an outlaw in a galaxy far, far away.

With its focus on the underworld, rich character development, and expansive exploration, “Star Wars Outlaws” is poised to offer fans a fresh and exhilarating take on the Star Wars saga. As players gear up to navigate the galaxy with Kay Vess and her crew, the promise of adventure, excitement, and maybe a bit of scoundrel behavior, awaits.