The Guild Sphere: Indignation

A week ago I had a chance to talk to some of the leadership of Indignation, some serious hardcore PvP Republicans. Check it out below.

Where did your guilds name come from?
Is there a better guild name than Indignation? I didn’t think so, either. Think of us as the resistance. Our name comes from our love of justice. But be warned, even justice can get carried away!

Can you give me a quick 2-3 sentance description of your guild?
We’re a slightly new PvP loving group of mature individuals who have come together to form a powerful community. We all have different strengths, and we aim to use each member’s talents to maximize our gaming potential. We want to have fun as we find the center between competitive, social, organized, and simple.

How did your guild come about?
As I was trolling the forums…. (Just kidding), I was with a few dorm friends and came across the guild feature. Perfect timing!

What kind of play style do you focus on? PvE, PvP, RP:
So far, PvP is our frontline focus. PvE is next in line. None of us (yet) are terribly experienced with RP, but we’re willing at giving it a shot. Nothing serious, though. Sorry, folks.

What is your guild set up? How do you run your guild?
We are (definitely) still in our developmental stages. Different members are constantly proposing new additions and supplements of existing features and we are pooling together all of our brilliant (and mediocre, heh) ideas. Communication is done through our guild website[], but we’re really sticking with talking on Facebook. It’s so simple. As we grow we’ll probably grab a vent server or something of the like.

How serious do you play and/or run the guild?
How serious? Let’s just say you can be very competitive and hardcore without being serious. I am not an elitist, I just play like one. I believe many of the guild members would say the same (others may not, though).

Do you have ranks or a certain hierarchy in your guild?
We have what I would call one of the most interesting hierarchies I have seen in a guild structure. Officer Dustyeleven (the genius) coined the term “Circles” which basically incorporates a very simple, yet devastatingly efficient/fun method of dividing tasks and building teamwork. Like military squads in an army, the circles are designed by different roles (Recruitment, New Player Events, (you name it)). Each circle will have leaders, and there will be a sort of Judicial Circle that somewhat reigns above. Honestly I’m not even sure where I’ll be yet. The idea is to have a system which is similar to an actual Republic, yet slightly more democratic. Wordy? Oops 🙂

Why did you choose the Republic?
It really does take a lot of thinking, doesn’t it. I concluded that there are enough people who want to be evil out there. Looking at the forums, I see a little imbalance which shows favoritism towards the empire. It’s always better to play the minority. Especially when you’re a competitive PvP guild. The name plays into all of this. The Republic needs guilds like us!

Why do you run a guild?
I have a somewhat unnecessary amount of guild leadership experience. I know how to make things work. I know people; I can look past faults and see the strengths which others cannot. I can put up with a lot of crap. I’m also pretty patient, oh, and definitely humble. Oh…. oops. Long story short, I know how to run a great community.

How do you approach Raid Planning?
Perhaps not as seriously as other guilds. This is one of those things that grows as people are interested. We will definitely have scheduled sessions, but I want PvP to be our focus. I’m not going to kick someone out for not showing up to an event. I’m just not that person. I see people as people, not objects.

Are you always open for new recruits or do you want to keep a certain guild size?
Currently, yes. Completely. In a pre-launch setting, nobody is really better. Experience is good, but it comes with no guarantees. Anyone who wants to give PvP a shot is welcome to join. As release approaches/happens we will incorporate deeper levels of screening. We really want to see the guild numbers grow.

Age Requirement?
We ask for maturity. I’ve seen some skilled 12 year olds... I was one 7 years of MMOs ago. I don’t judge people based on their age. I just ask people respect one another. Older tends to be better, though.

Guild size?
Right now? Pfft. 26. Give us a week or two. It’ll change fast.

What makes your guild stand out from everyone else? What makes your guild unique?
We’re going to win a lot. We’ll have more fun than any guild out there. Honestly, though, the combination of our skills and community will be unstoppable. I feel bad for the Empire players on our server.

How do you spend your time until release? Do you know each other in real life or do you spend a lot of time on forums?
Personally I spend at least 2 hours a day on the forums/website/etc. I know around 30% (currently) of my guild members personally. Believe it or not, the other 70% are more fun/active (better to talk to).

What Other Games are you currently playing as a guild?
Officialy, none yet. Looking into Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy, though 🙂

If somebody is interested now how and where can they apply for membership?
After logging (signing up?) into the official SWTOR website, Apply here! []

One last question, if there was one thing you could ask the Dev’s to include, what would it be?
A really intense economy. That’s mostly personal. A good economy needs lots of activity! 🙂